In Ephesians Chapter 1 we read of the Grace that has come to us – verse 6. This is a word which is hardly used outside the Church. We can almost translate it "generosity" - God's generous love - God giving and giving and giving - again and again.

Verses 7,8 – We have been redeemed and forgiven!

Redeem – the pawnbroker’s shop – it was a common word in the first century – used in the freeing of slaves. He frees us from the slavery of sin – or to sin!

God - You have spent so much on me - and He wants us to have everything - every spiritual blessing and gift. We can hardly understand that!

Verse 8 – We have been shown God’s mystery.

Now we read of this too in Chapter 3 – God has made known the mystery.

God wants us to understand what he is doing! That which has been hidden in the past has now been revealed to some degree. We have been favoured to understand something of what God is doing!

Look at the last words in Romans – it is all there too – it has all been there but no one saw it – no one could see – not until Jesus came and the Holy Spirit revealed it

We have been chosen and adopted and redeemed and forgiven – and shown what people have never previously been able to see.

God has made known to us this mystery – we were enlightened – informed – illumined – brought out of darkness into light.

The unbeliever wants social and physical and material and financial blessings - but within a very short while Paul had to write that someone would bring him his overcoat!

Love - Joy - Peace - every blessing you want - and we can receive and draw even more and more - and the world is not interested.

Everything is to be found "in Christ" - and that is how the world cannot find these riches - because, the world looks for them outside Jesus.

Once you have Jesus - you have everything else. When you have Jesus Christ - you have Him and all the Blessings which flow from HIM are yours - ours.

As we read here of pardon and forgiveness – is this not the greatest need in the world today? The answer lies in this letter.

Jesus chose us - that is packed into this passage too - verses 4,11. We need to know this!

Jesus chose us just like He chose Peter.

Could you imagine Peter saying - 'I was out fishing one day and I chose to follow Jesus'? No – No – No - Jesus chose me!

Can you imagine Paul writing that it was he who decided to follow Jesus Christ - Never!

And He arranges for us to meet certain people at certain times - He arranges everything. That is what makes me secure. I am the result of an earthly father and a Heavenly Father.

God planned people before things.

Why did He choose me?

Did He not prefer to choose perfect people?

He chose us to be holy and blameless - that we might reflect His Holiness - quite amazing!

And then, God adopts us into His Family - every child chosen and wanted.

You are wanted by God and He drenches you with His Love. And the more you are loved the more you want to love.

Chosen by God – aren’t you glad?

Verse 11 - We were chosen before we knew it – out of His grace – and now our destination is revealed as we move on in the plan and will of God – as He performs a mighty work of transformation and reconstruction upon us – all of grace and mercy.

What a passage - and all this written from the limitations and restrictions of imprisonment.

Let the Ephesian letter become a very precious pearl.

“Loving heavenly Father – as I read the Scriptures may these words and truths and lessons become more and more precious to me as the days and weeks go by. Thank You for the Bible – I pray for those around the world who daily read Your Word – speak O God and strengthen and encourage each one in Christ. Amen”