We are reading in Ephesian Chapter 1 and learning of how Paul was a man who prayed and in Verse 18 we read of Paul praying for an enlightened heart. We need to pray at times that God will give us LIGHT - light from the inside - inside information - so that I can say, "I see".

"I see what is happening - I see what is going on in the world - I see why people said that - I see why that is being taught - I see why that decision has been made".

Getting to know GOD better comes from the inside too. Then you will understand the HOPE to which you were called - and - something further as to where everything is heading.

Remember - God never leaves a job half done. If HE starts a work in my life - if HE struggles with the material we have to offer HIM - He is going to continue HIS part.

Let the eyes of your heart see that clearly.

And also see how RICH you are - and be aware of the power which is available to us.

Verse 19 - Paul is NOT exaggerating here – as he refers to the power of God - he means it. There is this tremendous amazing greatness of the Power of God available to those who believe.

How great is God's Power - how big is God's Power - how mighty is God's Power - sufficient to raise Jesus Christ from the grave to highest heaven - from the cemetery to the throne! It began among the dead - but Jesus, the crucified One was raised.

This is where the new creation begins - by the dead being raised - and then up through the clouds to His Rightful Place at the Right Hand of the Father.

Everybody, but God the Father, has to look up to Jesus now! There was a day when they looked down on Jesus - but not now - no longer. Our eyesight cannot go high enough.

He has been exalted - the Head of all things - and Paul thinks of His Feet - above all His enemies – Verse 22.

Where is His body? You are His body - under the headship of Jesus Christ - but on top of His enemies.

That makes the Church of Jesus Christ more than conquerors.

He has been made Head for the Church - and you, as part of the Church, complete the Body of Christ!

Consider that - and just incase we become too big for our boots Paul goes on to say that He completes us. He is the Head of the Church - and it is only the Church over which He is Head. In homes and families, He appoints people – husbands – fathers. That may be a difficult concept for some today – but even in Paul’s day there were difficult concepts being preached and taught and mysteries reveled.

The word for Church is EKKLESIA - the called out ones - an assembly of people called together.

Paul is saying to those believe - have a big view of God - and realistic view of yourself. "I am part of God's plans" - so we should not be too surprised when the enemy seeks to annihilate us or murder us.

God gives us a high calling - seek to be what God wants you to be - and to fulfill your role. To do this we need the spirit of wisdom and revelation - and knowledge of HIM.

He wanted me to be His child - we are gifts from God - and gifts to God - that is why we wish to exalt HIM and magnify HIM - and think about HIM in a big way.

Be His child – His gift to the world. Be a loyal and loving servant – a light in dark places as you shine for Christ Jesus.

“Thank You loving Father, that You have call me in Christ – that you have adopted me into Your family – that You have made me Your child – a child of God – with work to do in this needy world. Feed me. Teach me. Guide me. Lead me. Enable me to remain loyal and loving and faithful to you all my days in this world – through Jesus Christ. Amen”