Recently, I heard more of a person’s story that has caused me to think about how we live for Jesus. In hearing this addition to the story, I realized this individual is truly living for herself and not Jesus. This caused me to ponder what living for Jesus means. When we live for Him, we believe:

He is the Lord of our lives.

He sees all that we do.

He hears all we say.

He directs us through each day.

Our responsibility is to read His Word, take it to heart, and strive to follow it as best we can. Sometimes, we fail to live up to what The Word directs us to do. That is where His grace begins to act.

As we go through life, God’s Holy Spirit goes with us and supports us as we face trials and go through tribulations. God hears all we say during those times.

When we accept Christ and ask Him to walk with us through our lives, we need to be honest with Him and with ourselves. We shouldn’t do or say anything that Jesus would not like.

Sometimes, we have ‘head knowledge’ and not ‘heart knowledge’. We think we know Jesus and we can get by with anything we do because ‘we are saved’. When we do things disregarding Jesus, in reality, we know about Jesus, but we really don’t know Him.

A lot of us approach Jesus when we are in trouble or face something we cannot handle. This is not the relationship He wants to have with us. He wants to be the LORD of our lives.

Sometimes, we claim to be Christian and a worker for Christ because we want to impress others. Jesus would rather we didn’t do that. When we proclaim Christ and then our behavior or our attitude tells those around us otherwise, we ‘give Jesus a black eye”.

How can we continue to show the grace of God to those who seem to revert to former ways of living?

How can we pray about this?