I am sick and tired of having homosexuality being shoved in my face as "normal". It is not. But, this column isn't about homosexuality. It is about all kinds of seductive sin that the Great Deceiver seduces us into, weaving a web so tight we cannot move.

I do not believe homosexuality is biological. I strongly believe it is a well-seeded lie by Satan to subvert God in a person's life. The farther away Satan can make God seem the less likely that person will seek His comfort and rest. This lie perpetuates humans unbelief in God's power, and it matters not whether the person is homo-, bi-, or heterosexual.

Anyone who has experienced a seduction by Satan or has believed his lies has lived through hell. Not only have they been sucked into sin by that old Deceiver and Father of Lies, but they usually have willingly walked into the web and got themselves goodly stuck.

It is a classic devil lie, but so cleverly concealed that it appears harmless! So, I'll just have coffee with her/him. What's the harm in that? So I'll drop her off at her house, what's the harm in that? So, I'll just drop in and say hi, what's the harm in that? After justifying and reasoning, the soul becomse immune to the urgent tugging of the Holy Spirit. Soon, the person finds himself in a quagmire of sin. That could be any Christian out there if they are not careful!

Whether a person begins in slavery to sexual desires or falls into it after becoming a Christian, the person can be or actually is redeemed--delievered from that Egypt! However, there will be many walks through the fires of testing which include successes as well as failures, turn that corner with unbelief in God's power within you and you go right back into slavery to sin. That's that vicious cycle any Christian can fall into.

But! Begin in slavery to sexual desires then be delivered from slavery, walk through those fires of testing with believing God--not just belief in Him because the Israelites knew Him and His power. They had experienced it first hand. They had no belief in His power within them. They were afraid of those giants and thought they were grasshoppers beside them and so they were because of their prevailing unbelief in God's power within them personally. False evidence appearing real...FEAR. A Christian must believe God's power to break the bonds of slavery with a prevailing belief...a continuing belief... that God's power within the soul will break that sin stronghold and the slavery cycle is broken. You enter into the Promised Land! Prevailing belief because we all experience doubts at one time or another.

This is true of any seductive sin, not just homosexuality.

Don't believe Satan because he's the father of lies. Don't believe the World because that is the road back to slavery. Believe God and His power and His desire for us to conquer sinful habits. Delight in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart!

The cross Christians bear is the persecution of the world against us because it sees Jesus in us and hates Jesus. That is the cross. It is being in a place we do not belong and where we do not fit in...we do not conform. That births persecution and that is the cross -- not sinful tendencies which God has the power to break those strongholds. The Cross that Jesus died upon is not a burden that we bear...it is a brand that we wear!

God has not left us powerless!!! We have the whole armor of God to put on but we must put it on.

If a person has the indwelling Holy Spirit but has a sinful past. In Jesus name -- SO WHAT!?! That is precisely why Jesus stayed on the cross. So long as we honor what He did on the cross and work in our Salvation to honor Him. Jesus forgave us, so why can't we forgive each other? We are a pure spotless, wrinkle-free, no pimples or warts Bride of Christ.

There is no reason to keep wearing the stigma! Jesus put on those old clothes and wore them to the cross and He nailed them there! Why do we beat each other up with past sins? Why do Christians staple labels onto people and make them wear them because they lived sinfully in the past? And why do Christians allow it? Why do Christians keep putting on those old labels and keep wearing the shame?? Unforgiveness is a habitual way of thinking and we act upon our thoughts!

Put on the whole armor of God and stand firm against Satan and he will flee! Forgiveness releases God's Power within us. Believe God... He's right! He's right!