New Years is always special to me. It's looked upon by millions as a passage-of-the-baton, a new beginning, a time to remember events during the prior year, and a way of looking forward to making new memories. It's celebrated by virtually everyone on the planet, and is perhaps the one day which brings more people together as a human race than any other regardless of color, religion, or political affiliation. We all celebrate it differently, and it's by far, more than just a spot on the calendar.

New Year's resolutions fly through our minds at warp speed during this week. Most of the top ones are almost always about losing weight, becoming better fit, enjoying life more, drinking less, learning something new, getting out of debt, and increasing time with family and other loved ones. We often write them down, and swear they'll be followed by the letter as a price of admission for another year of life. Kind of makes you wonder why we only think about them around New Years and what makes our determination to see them through to reality such a difficult price to pay.

I'm usually pretty cautious about my resolutions because I really don't want them limited to just one day. I think that everyday should be spent with a new goal, a sense of preferred being, and watching a carrot dangled and caught before the sun begins to set. In other words, not waiting to make the wishes and pledges we have in our hearts until the fireworks begin exploding at the stroke of midnight. Now, obviously that's a nice thing to say, but oh so hard to do.

I'm about to celebrate my 49th New Year and have been looking back upon some of my most important moments from 2011. I've published my first novel, "Sons In The Clouds," made new friends, let go of some previous relationships, and started new ones to name a few. I have no complaints at all of what transpired in 2011 for me. It was another phase of my life to be remembered and cherished, and one that forced me to learn some important lessons. Now 2012, I believe, will be even better.

The happiness, smacks on the lips, and hope-filled feelings we experience when the clock strikes midnight on 12-31 ought to happen everyday. Why not? After all, every moment we live on God's earth should be looked upon as a gift. He wants us making the most of each one with great enthusiasm, a sense of expectancy, openness toward new opportunities, and a better expression of love for others. After all, life is extremely short--a snap of the fingers and you suddenly find yourself staring down the barrel of an existence that was. And that countdown to one we all recite as the glowing ball drops does a lot to demonstrate the rapid passage of time.

New Years also shows us how fast our tempo of life has become. In my opinion, technology and the super-quick pace our society is accelerating is leaving people wondering why each New Years rolls around more speedily than the last. Maybe, it comes with age, I don't know. But, as I make final party plans for ringing in 2012 it leaves me remembering that the launch of 2011 happened just yesterday.

So, when you begin primping in the mirror, selecting just the right outfit to hide those holiday pounds, and chatting about where to celebrate, asks yourself what you want to transpire in 2012? Then ask for those same desires everyday of every year for the rest of your life. Holiday celebrations quickly pass, but hope and dreams are eternal.

Have A Happy New Year!

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