I usually don’t write about politics. Along with religion, it’s one of the most debated subjects we have as a people. No matter if you’re a democrat or republican, we all have our viewpoints. But, given the political year we’re all about to engage in, I felt it time to express my position of where I see America, as it currently stands. I realize many won’t agree here, but holding back hasn’t ever been my strongest trait.

America has become an extremely divided nation, and angrier. It’s now rich vs. poor, liberal vs. conservative, democrat railing against republican, black more hostile toward white and vice versa, and filled with ever-increasing religious diversity. Everything, and I mean everything we say is becoming super-analyzed for political correctness. We all want to love each other, to get along, to fight together for what we all know deep inside is right and true, to have and to hold till death do us part, agreed? But right now, there are more people worried about our nation’s future than ever before. There is extreme uncertainty among our people. So, how did it become this way? And why are scores becoming more and more hostile toward the very fundamental principles which made this nation the very finest in the world, seemingly forgetting why people from every foreign nation still dream of entering our shores? We’ve become lax and rest on our previous glories, believing our lifestyles will always be the same here. But buyer beware, there’s a storm brewing on the horizon eager to snatch it all away.

Like many, I watch the news on a regular basis. I know what’s going on with our political leaders—the ones currently in office and those running. I hear them, and listen to the emotions behind their words. I can sense when their lying and actually telling the truth. I’m also sad and many times feel like crying as I observe what our political system has become. Folks, politics are a rich persons sport, period. If a candidate for office enters the fray, he/she better be standing atop mountains of money or have millions from donors stuffed in their back pockets. They are bought and paid for, and do what they’re told. My point? I don’t believe a good, honest, decent person can ever enter the doors of the Oval Office. It’s simply not possible, and has been this way for a very long time. We vote for who we think is closest to our personal beliefs, but it’s all about money, power, and payback to those who put them there. It makes me sad, but in this moment in history, it’s where we are as a nation. Many may disagree with this, but take a look at whose faces rule the airwaves.

I’m a Conservative. I believe in fiscal responsibility, Christian principles, Capitalism, Entrepreneurship, a belief that anyone can become anything they want in this country if they try. I also believe in freedom, racial equality, military peace through strength, and limited government in our lives. I do not believe in Socialism: unending entitlements, the redistribution of wealth, government intrusion, and the idea that people should depend on government for their very survival--lives filled with minimal mediocrity. European nations have tried this forever, it doesn’t work. Greece anyone?

The media, Hollywood, and many of the super-rich fully support liberalism. Why? Simply put, they already have their money, it’s in the bank, they’ve got nothing to loose. What do they really want? For everyone to depend on them, to be able to control the masses like a bunch of peasants scrambling for morsels so they can live like royalty. Hmm, sounds a little like the C-word type of government, no? In a nutshell, it’s all about control. And control to the liberal elite is everything.

I entitled this article, “Our Nation Under God.” Why? I’m fearful of what may come this year. If Obama is re-elected, America will never have the same respect, power, and affluence it once had. This president clearly has his, and those who placed him in office, an agenda which is destructive in comparison to what our founding fathers wanted for us all. He’s clearly anti-business, hates the rich (unless they’re giving him donations), sees America as arrogant, and wants nothing more than to bring us into the arena of socialism. He seeks to control everything you do, take the principles of Christianity off the table, make you super-dependent on Government, and hold you in his arms as he rips your hard-earned money from your callused hands. His greedy hands and fingers are salivating over another term, to complete his agenda so that no matter who precedes his administration, the damage will be so destructive it’s beyond repair. Once again, I’m fearful. The dark clouds are forming and the American people had best awaken, rapidly, or the American dream will be an afterthought, destined for the archives of history books, turned into a second rate nation forever in debt.

Like many, I listened to Obama’s message of “Hope and Change” during his campaign. I found myself being swayed by his likeable smile and youthful energy. But, it didn’t take long after he started cramming his policies down our throats to realize that this wasn’t what so many bargained for. He’s recently backed off a little, trying to make you feel he’s not all that bad, but don’t be fooled; he’ll run back full tilt if he keeps his job.

A huge part of why I believe the way I do is because of my Christian beliefs. America is a nation founded Under God, a land where its people are free to roam the ground without fear of reprisal. God had his hand on this nation when it was created, now there are those who want it destroyed. God wants you to be free, to be affluent if you wish, to live a robust life without others getting in the way and using your resources for their political agendas. America was founded on the concept that what you earn is yours, not someone else’s. And no one has the right to take it away. If you give to the poor and needy, and you should, that is your option, not a politician forcing you to do so. God wants America to be the shining light of the world, a place used as an example for others to go by, not a nation divided always pointing fingers. He’s watching to see what happens, and in the end, his power will see the destruction of evil trying to change our nation. I believe that November of this year will be a pivotal turning point back to prosperity. Do I believe placing a Republican back inside the Oval Office is the answer? Well, compared to what we have, it would definitely be a step in the right direction. However, the drive toward renewed prosperity in America is solely up to us: the everyday citizen, not a politician in Washington who really only cares about his/her personal agenda. They are not the solution, stop looking to them for answers.

America should be a positive place. A spot on earth where freedom reigns, faces are treated equally, peace rules, and government minds its own business. Do I believe that government should be completely hands-off? Absolutely not. Laws are created to safeguard our nation’s citizens, to protect us from those who seek to steal and harm. But, government used as an abusive power to control, well, that’s not the America where I was born.

Oh, by the way, have you looked at our nation’s debt lately? Take a moment to see the results of government inefficiency in action: Debt Clock

Thank you for listening…

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