There I was, filling up my car, watching the digital numbers flying at warp speed inside the glass on the gas pump, and then cringing at the grand total when the trigger on the handle finally clicked. It wasn’t a good feeling; it made me angry, and caused me to become even angrier knowing that it didn’t have to be this way if only the folks in Washington would learn to do what’s best for the American people.

Look around. Most likely you’re sitting inside somewhere, taking a break from your everyday life, and giving me some much appreciated attention. The energy it’s taking to power the rooms lighting and computer screen from which you read more than likely comes from oil or coal. Not from wind, solar, natural gas, batteries, a naked guy peddling a bicycle outside his house with electrical cords attached trying to save the planet from CO2, or a bucket of algae being converted to some much-needed power. It comes from the biggest and most dependable source of energy known to man: fossil fuel. And like the animals and plants God placed on this earth to eat, oil, natural gas, and coal were also created so our people could survive and prosper. Now, do I think that green energy sources have their place? Absolutely. Anything that will power our homes and cars is welcome in my world. But, here’s the thing, they simply aren’t cost efficient yet. The money you must slap down on the counter to make that coffee pot percolate using bulging solar panels atop your rooftop just isn’t worthy of the expense. They need much more time and development to make it all happen. So, in the meantime, here we are paying through the nose, and will be for quite a long time unless, and this is a big unless, the government gets out of the way of private industry freeing their shackles to do their jobs.

When the Green Energy movement started making waves years ago it sounded great. Imagine, no more choking smoke billowing from our cars tailpipes, destruction of the precious atmosphere, punching holes in our land and oceans, and dependence on foreign (and hostile) nations to supply our needs. It was the answer to our dreams, right? Truth is green energy will come, eventually, but dependence on foreign oil? Not anytime soon unless a true leader waving a black-and-white checkered flag removes the hurdles for private industry to start the race. And with an ultra-liberal democratic President in office, the movement against domestic oil development won’t be stopped unless he’s replaced, no matter what it costs the American taxpayer. Once more, no matter what it cost the American taxpayer.

Our President recently blocked one of the biggest pro-American projects to come across his desk in a while: The approval of the Keystone Pipeline. This source of oil, from a very friendly country across our northern border, would’ve brought 600,000 to 1.1 million barrels of oil to our citizen’s everyday, now it’ll most likely be shipped to China. And let’s not overlook the creation of thousands of energy and construction jobs. His biggest excuse, he didn’t want a pipeline disrupting the landscape, really? Truth is the environmental lobbyists and Hollywood millionaires he holds so near and dear to his heart (and his pocketbook) didn’t want it. After all, they bought and paid for him so he did what he was told. They said “no” to his checking the box saying, “yes” to helping ease the pain at the pump for the American people. Now, would the Keystone Pipeline have dropped the price of a gallon of gas down significantly? No. But psychologically, it would’ve been worth its weight in gold, showing the members of OPEC that we are beginning the drive toward other sources for our energy needs. The dictator, Hugo Chavez I can assure you popped corks on many bottles of champagne when he learned of Obama’s decision. Why? Chavez’s nation supplies a great amount of our oil. They want our money, although they despise our very existence. So, why would Obama help him and other nations who hold knives to our throats making us super-dependent on their black nectar? After all, he famously said during his campaign that “within ten years he would substantially decrease our dependence on foreign nations for energy needs.” Hmm. See the link to the video below if you’d like to watch it.

We’ve all listened to politicians the last forty or more years saying we must cut our dependence on foreign oil. “We must, I will when I become President, it threatens our very existence if we don’t,” on and on they ramble and go. Well, its 2012, and? The answer is simple, politics. And politics is what’s severely hurting our nation as a whole. Is our addiction to oil hurting our nation? No. It’s our dependence on foreign oil that is. And yes, I watched along with you when the disaster in the gulf made us think, but, accidents do happen, there’s not a perfect system in place for anything. And when I can power my car and heat my home with some clean burning algae that’s cost effective, I say, my door’s wide open to the cause. Until then…

So what can we do? I say drill, explore, use energy from friendly nations, and continue to develop alternative means, all of it. It will not come quickly; it will require cooperation on all levels of government and private industry. But, it can be done. Just the approval of new oil leases on our land and seas surrounding our borders would cause an overnight plunge in the price of gas. We have huge resources right here and now, use them.

Money is made when sweat, tears, and blood are spilt. How about we have a little less of these and a little more oil for a lot less money.

If you have further interest on this subject, take a look at one of the most brutally honest videos I’ve seen on the recent developments in the world of oil: Video

Thank you for listening…

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