When a dream, goal, or unique desire enters your bloodstream, be rest assured, God placed it there for a reason.

All of us have them; those big ideas and gems of gold we all strive to attain and believe will make our lives so much better. No matter if it’s authoring a bestselling novel, winning the shiny statue at next years Academy Awards for best actor, drawing some lucky lottery numbers, building that huge company on your own, climbing Mt. Everest, having a child, or getting married to the right person who fits you best, dreams are there for us to manifest insides ourselves, and shouldn’t be open for the world to debate. God wants whatever it is you yearn for to be your dream, and no one else’s. It’s part of his inheritance given to you upon your birth, and he planted it inside to grow till its realization finally comes to pass. And it doesn’t matter if the dream comes true or not, the fact that it’s there is what keeps our lives interesting, filled with hope, and determined to succeed.

When a person sets out to achieve a goal there will always be forces hiding behind ever corner coming to snatch it way, to keep it from ever leaping past the starting line; it’s just the super-competitive world we live in. Many might say you’re not qualified, not in good enough shape, don’t know the right people, aren’t smart or talented enough, could never afford it, or just don’t fit the mold of what it takes to make it happen. It could be coming from another person, or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but no matter what, I feel it’s important to let your dreams grow inside of your body and soul, and no one else’s.

When I started writing my first novel, Sons In The Clouds, I told virtually no one. I simply didn’t want to run the risk of exposing my creativity to criticism or negativity since I was an unknown, first-time writer with very little knowledge of the process. After all, I only had the idea of a dreamed-up storyline to go by, a computer’s curser blinking for attention on a blank screen, and desire to do something creative which I’d never tried before. Of course, once the first draft was complete and it was time to bring in some professional help, I enlisted the services of a great developmental editor to help sculpt it into a finished book. But, as far as letting others know what I was up to, I barely told anyone until the book was ready to be marketed and sold. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, or meant to offend anyone by not letting them know, rather, I just felt it best to let my project manifest inside me for the duration, not allowing any outside influences to steer me off course.

Maybe it’s just my personality, and desire to be a somewhat private person. But, when you let others know about your crazy dreams and goals you run the risk of allowing outside forces to discourage you, or tear them away. And they’re out there, just waiting to keep you from achieving your best and what God has in store for you.

I’ve always been amazed and fascinated by those brave enough to climb a peak like Mt. Everest. The iron will and guts it takes to achieve this is worthy of legend. So, when the news recently filled with the deaths of climbers trying to summit, my heart felt broken for them and their families. They died trying to fulfill their dreams, and one must admire the sheer determination it took to even try such an incredible feat. After I heard about this, I was sitting with some friends during dinner. When the subject came up, I said, “I’d love to stand atop that summit one day, could you just imagine the feeling?” Blank stares greeted me after I finished speaking. Of course, the opinions quickly started flying, “Are you kidding or crazy? Don’t you know how dangerous that is? How expensive? How many have died just trying?” I fought back of course, letting them know that anything’s possible if you’re willing to sacrifice what it takes to make it happen. And although I won’t be leaving for base camp anytime soon, I’ll always imagine seeing the world from its highest point. Once again, dreams live inside us all.

It taught me what I’ve always known: Keep your dreams to yourself, therefore keeping them alive.

Thanks for listening…

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