Do you know the amount of our National Debt? If you’re like a surprising number of Americans, you don’t.

Our National Debt is quickly spinning toward the out-of-control figure of sixteen trillion dollars. That’s sixteen trillion dollars—in other words, sixteen thousand billion George Washington’s! An astonishing number and one that’s simply in-comprehendible by people like me. It represents the sins of both, Republican and Democratic managers who are responsible for putting our country in such a predicament, severely hurting our economic power among the world as a financial leader. This amount can be reversed, but it will take an educated understanding of how we came to this point in our history and willingness to tighten our belts. However, the big question is this: Do people really care individually about this, or would they rather keep watching the numbers click on by, kicking the can down the road, passing this burden off as someone else’s problem, mainly their children’s, or children’s children? If they don’t care, or are uninterested, remember, nothing in this life is hardly ever free.

We’ve all done at least one: used credit cards, received a loan for large purchases such as a home or car, even borrowed money on faith with no future way of paying it back. But, the eerie thing about debt is it never goes away until the last penny of the last dollar is paid in full. And whether you owe one dollar or sixteen trillion, you’ll keep getting those nasty bills and notices in the mailbox until it’s completely paid off. Debt, to me, is an ugly word, like a disease sucking the life out of you, but unfortunately, oftentimes a necessary one. However, our National Debt; where it is today is reprehensible in the eyes of the American taxpayer. On our nations currency it reads, “In God We Trust,” personally, I don’t believe God is all to happy about allowing a nation founded within Christian fundamentals go spiraling down due to owing so much to other nations.

Right now, in our current economy, people everywhere are resorting to doing whatever it takes to survive and keep their families taken care of. They’re slapping their kid’s private school and college bills on credit cards, taking out second mortgages to lower their housing payment’s, some are even resorting to high interest payday loans to purchase groceries, gas, clothing, and other necessities due to unemployment. Our countries citizens are hurting, badly, steadily growing further into debt at a record pace. They don’t want to do it; many just don’t have any other choice. And what’s horrible about our individual and national debt is it seems invisible at first, until the bill arrives, then miraculously it seems more real than anything else you have to deal with.

Back in 2010, it was estimated that one in six Americans was on some form of governmental assistance, now it’s getting closer to two in six. Why? High unemployment, and the mindset of many to just sit back and let the government take care of them as long as they can. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I realize many folks are completely worthy of assistance, but the problem comes when they continue doing it willingly, like it’s owed to them regardless of their ability to work. It’s a dangerous way of thinking, and the primary reason for the image above. But, one more time, nothing is hardly ever free. Sooner or later, the bills will rear their ugly heads. And in this case, making someone else pay: those who get up everyday, pay their taxes, and do their best to provide for themselves and their families.

Right now, we have a President who’s banking on a second term because of the number of people who receive governmental assistance. He knows their numbers increase everyday, and for every check he issues, it equates to a vote in November, more than likely; people simply don’t like it when they get something for free every month then run the risk of having it taken away. He’s proven over and over through his policies that he doesn’t care about our National Debt, willing to pass that off to the next administration. He completely believes in Government subsidies and social entitlements for all. But for each dollar he spends, someone else bears the costs for generations to come, the American Taxpayer. It isn’t free.

If you should have the chance, grab a hold of 100 one dollar bills. Lay them out on your floor, then step back and look. A lot of money isn’t it? Now just imagine what a million, a billion, even sixteen trillion would look like, and think how long it would take to pay that back to countries like China using sweat off of the American worker.

Free money is never free, it carries with it both physical and emotional consequences. Most feel so much better about themselves when they earn the money they receive. To work, to produce, to contribute to society and even employ others is one of the basic joys of being human. It keeps you moving, helps to attain goals, and passes priceless ethics along to the next generation.

Getting something for free is nice, but working for it makes it much more valuable.

Thanks for listening…

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