When you were born, God equipped you with a conscious, a gut-wrencher, an energy feeling coming across when impending forces try causing you harm or propelling you toward greater good, a realistic sensation responding to all things emotional, a subtle voice. That voice is God trying to tell you something, for better or worse, even when you don't want to listen.

God knows what's best for us. He oversees and plans everything we do way before any situation or person comes across our thoughts. He sees the forks-in-the-roads, the urges, the desires, the wants, and the mistakes we'll all make if we dismiss the messages he sends to our minds. He's pre-planned every moment of our lives hoping we'll use his advice to make it better, and longer-lasting. He never wants harm or hurt to come our way, that's why he's always sending Morse code to our inner receivers, hoping we'll respond and react, therefore keeping his plan for our lives whole. The only things we have to do are stop and listen.

There's no other area where we're more in tune with this voice than in our personal relationships. We meet, be-friend, date, sometimes marry, then hopefully have long lives together with our significant someone's all based on this little voice. It tells us during our first meeting that they could be the one. And though we don't know why, God tells you whether or not this person has potential, or to turn and keep on walking. Just think how many bad marriages, friendships, business partnerships, and financial pitfalls could've been avoided if only we'd listened when hearing, or seeing something which just didn't seem right, didn't fit into our personal mold of what's acceptable, made us uncomfortable, and failed to enhance our happiness when given the chance. After all, relationships are supposed to make us better and enhance our being, not pull us toward a lesser place.

Our inner voice is oftentimes very inconvenient, like a childish muse. We don't want to listen when we know we should, finding out later much pain and hardship could've easily been avoided. God sends us these signals, like them or not, as a way of protection and to keep us from wasting our valuable time.

Everyone is guilty of not listening, and believe me, I'm far from exception. I've had relationships which continued due to personal stubbornness, an unwillingness to give up, and not realizing that some people just weren't meant to be part of my life forever--rather only for a season. And during each and every one God was texting me loud and clear, "Let it go, move on, they're not right for you, and the doubts you have now will only escalate." He was right every time, so why didn't I listen? What makes us want to believe when our conscious is saying loud and clear, "no!"

Our inner voice is also used in our professional lives. All of us want that bestseller, that grand deal sprinting us closer to our goals, those contacts we meet at the right place and time causing our lives to grow and succeed beyond our wildest dreams. We're constantly searching and seeking them out, but God is pointing you towards them all the time. It doesn't always happen inside our desired time frame, but he has you in the palm of his hand.

Have you ever driven, or walked a certain direction for no good reason, oddly taken the long route home, said goodbye to harmful habits, steered clear of a certain group of people because they drained your energy just being around them, helped a stranger for no clear reason, moved from a certain neighborhood or city because it made you uncomfortable, changed jobs when the one you had seemed, okay, said "goodbye" to a teary-eyed girlfriend or boyfriend because you weren't emotionally fulfilled, chose to leave a certain space because the energy was draining or felt dark, decided not to buy that person's used car, kept shopping for a better deal at the mall rather than just going ahead and buying what's in front of you, replaced your Doctor for one better qualified, became friends with one and not another, went home instead of going out and having a few, changed your eating habits after years of knowing you should, gone back to attending church after being vacant in the pews, and mostly, just listened quietly for God to lead you in all things while immediately hearing an answer?

Then, you've found your inner voice.

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