I was recently talking with one of our nation’s youth (19 years old) when the subject of politics came up, that dreaded word which has sparked many heated debates, especially lately. We were about ten seconds into the conversation when he quickly said, “I don’t like that Romney guy.”

I said, “Really, why not?”

“Because he’s rich.”

Taken back a little, I then asked, “What’s wrong with being rich? Wouldn’t you like to be rich someday?”

Thinking, “Well…ya’ll.”

“Then, why don’t you like Mitt Romney?”

“Because he was given his money, his daddy started him off in business. He didn’t make it on his own.”

I paused and thought for a few moments, thinking of the best way to handle this inexperienced youth. “I then patted him on his back saying, “Okay, if I was wealthy and you were my son and I gave you the means to start a business which I believed would be successful, what would you do, refuse my generosity, or look at it as a blessing and use my dollars to help create many more? And oh, by the way, help employ others in the process.”

Looking a bit puzzled, he said, “But, what about those who don’t have rich daddy’s?”

I firmly looked at him and said, “Mitt Romney’s father wasn’t always rich. He started off with nothing just like those you’re talking about, then passed his money along to his family. What’s wrong with that?”

Staring at the ground he mumbled, “I see your point; I guess I’m just jealous.”

I looked at him again, “There’s no reason to be jealous, just be more like Mitt’s dad, and strive to make your own wealth so your kids can be successful as well someday. Then, everybody wins. And by the way, Mitt Romney made his money because of his entrepreneurial abilities, not just because his father helped him some.”

He smiled, “I see it now.”

This is the problem with so much of our country today; it’s poor against rich, employee railing against employer, government vs. private worker. It seems as though anyone who has more than the other is the bad guy, the target, the one in the crosshairs, the man or woman needed to be taken down. It’s a mentality which goes against everything our country was founded on: free enterprise, capitalism, equal opportunity, and the real Hope and Change we desperately need to hold onto.

Right now, the number of people dependent on government support is staggering, and it’s getting worse everyday. Granted many, many are truly deserving of help: the elderly, the disabled, our wounded veterans just to name a few. They aren’t victims, just ones who have no other choice. But, the problem comes when there are those who abuse the system, having given into the notion that the government owes them, the rich owe them, the privileged owe them just because they happen to be born with plentiful means. And that those with more should be demanded to give and give, therefore, the phrase, “The Fundamental Distribution of Wealth” comes into play as so proudly shouted by our current President. This idea is severely flawed, and is what happens when the creation of a nanny state begins to form—a society where people don’t dare vote for anything other than a government taking almost everything they make in return for meager basic necessities. This goes against the abundance that God wants for your life.

All over the world poverty exists. A lot of it is because of dictatorships, socialist’s states, and leaders who only serve to fill their pockets and take from the people. America was formed as an alternative; a place where anyone can come across our shores and feel free to exercise their rights as individual human beings; to create, to earn, to develop and grow, not to be totally dependent on something like government. But, the Great War against anything rich began when Obama was elected.

Right now, we have leaders whose belief goes against the American way. They want the masses to be dependent on government, to rally against the rich, to serve as poster children for big government and the changing of American society. They want only a few to sit at the golden table of privilege. They are the ones the American Voter needs to deny, the wealth distributors, not the job creators.

Like many, whenever I see someone racing by in a new Ferrari, living in a mega-mansion, or flying off in a private jet to an exotic destination, my human side rises up. I get a little envious, and wish I could trade seats with them if only for a short while. But, here’s the reality: Someone, somewhere, during some period in history caused that to happen. They created, made, developed, and used their God-given will and talents to propel them above. They took risks, worked hard, and sought out opportunity. Those rewards we all seek didn’t just occur, didn’t just materialize out of thin air. They were earned and sweated for by those who believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, not politicians demanding it from others.

One of the greatest feelings we can experience is creation--to make something out of nothing and experience the rewards. It triggers enormous benefits to our dignity, self respect, confidence, and self-worth. It gives us power over a depressed existence, allowing us to rise above all that is draining.

When earned and used well, money is a wonderful thing.

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