Luke, Chapter 11-17: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to destruction, and a house divided against a house falleth"

After the recent election, it is very clear to me, we now live in two very different countries within our shores.

I was born in 1962. JFK was President, Johnny Carson had just begun The Tonight Show, The Supreme Court voted to ban school prayer, the median fixed income was $6,000, a house costs $15,000, and a gallon of gas was a meager $.25 cents. But, things were much different back then because people were much different. There was greater unity throughout the land as I grew up, and the American dream was alive and well to all who were willing to work and succeed. America had its problems, but an America back then was nothing like it is today.

Obama won off of his socialistic, liberal principles and America’s ever-changing national demographics. He pandered to the minority vote, the poor, the unemployed, the unions, the non-believers, the naïve, the uneducated, the single women, the youth movement, and the elderly and disabled scared to death of loosing their cherished checks in the mail. He did his best to paint Romney as an elitist, a rich guy who cared nothing about the common man, a candidate who would take things away from those who feel entitled. Well, it worked, but America is about to learn some valuable, and painful lessons while realizing the mistakes it’s made.

Those who voted for Obama:

Most are good individually but they have it in their minds that Government is the caretaker of the people. Its role is to write out a check every time someone gets hurt, looses their job, has a child out of wedlock, needs medical care, food, wants an abortion, or a place to live, etc. They feel entitled to their, “Stuff” because being a U.S. Citizen (or someone who wants to be) gives them this right. Most of them feel we should all be equal financially, yet many aren’t charitable. They believe that bigger government holds the key to their security and happiness. They care nothing about the national debt (currently 16 trillion and climbing) because that’s just an imaginary number, a facade, something which isn’t really real, and is someone else’s problem to be kicked down the road. They don’t believe in military action against other countries no matter what, even when our buildings are being blown apart like on 9/11, wanting diplomacy instead. They love the idea of things like marijuana usage and gay marriage becoming legal everywhere. The environment and global warming trumps all, even if it costs millions of lost jobs. A great number have little to do with religious beliefs, and support anti-God legislation in our schools and court systems. They fully believe in Obama Care no matter the costs, because, once again, the Government owes it to them. And if the Government can’t afford it, take it from the rich, because the rich have too much anyway. Many work for the Government, or want to, because it’s much easier to live off the taxpayer’s dime than to go out and create jobs of their own. A great number don’t have a clue what being an entrepreneur really means, or how to become one, because the Government isn’t involved. And lastly, the typical Obama supporter is one who’s forgotten, or is too young to remember what founding principles made this country great, opting instead to believe in one’s which do nothing but make the rich poorer, but the poor poorer as well. These people, in my opinion, will soon be learning a very difficult lesson as our nation’s wealth, it’s citizens complete dependency on government increases, and standing in the world falls apart. And for those don’t believe me, take a look at the riots in the streets of those countries that have run toward bigger government, and failed. Remember, America is not too big to fail. And for those who voted for Obama, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Those who voted for Romney:

The overwhelming majority believe in small government and the free enterprise system. They are the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, the job creators, and the fiscally responsible. They’re highly concerned about the national debt and want it brought back to a balanced budget. They want a strong military, and believe in the policy of “Peace through Strength,” making our enemies hesitate before ever attacking our shores. Romney voters believe in paying their own way through life, and don’t want Government imposing stifling rules and unwanted regulations taking away their freedom, and ability to create. Becoming rich and successful is very important to them and many look for ways of helping and employing others by using their wealth. The vast majority believes in God, or a Supreme Being and are usually the ones filling church pews on Sunday mornings. Socially, many are conservative, and don’t believe in gay marriage, drug legalization, or other forms of ultra-liberal ways-of-life. Veterans, and active military made up a large percentage of Romney supporters and mostly believe in patriotism and freedom. A Romney supporter doesn’t believe the Government owes them anything, except what was paid for by them, such as social security, Medicare, and veterans benefits. Overwhelmingly, if you become rich, it’s your money, and no one has the right to take it from you. Therefore, the mere thought of redistributing wealth (forcibly taking from the rich and giving to the poor) is morally corrupt. Low taxation, and a smaller government is the way to prosperity rather than the opposite. Capitalism, not Socialism, is what a Romney voter believes is the answer to America’s financial problems.

Our nation’s youth and middle class is where the return to basic American foundations must begin. But, I’m worried. It seems as though our children’s interests lie more within their cell phone and reality TV obsessions rather than school, church, and political awareness. Obama fed off our youth and it’s served him well. But, like all Presidents before him, and those coming after, his days are numbered.

The voters made their choice and must live with the consequences of their actions. Obama’s policies have begun destroying our cherished principles and apparently four years wasn’t enough to convince his supporters otherwise. But, the next four years will be a wake up call. I only hope it’s not too late and the damage can be reversed.

Our nation is more divided than ever before. It needs to find its way back together and re-learn what makes us Americans to begin with. Anger and frustration over political indifference only serves those who wish to destroy instead of create and grow, and my prayer is for the healing to begin.

Obama won the popular vote by the slimmest of margins, literally a 50/50 split making him one of the most unpopular, if not the most unpopular President in history, and I’ll admit, my faith in the American people has been shaken.

America can be saved, because it’s worth saving. The next few years will tell the tale.

Thanks for listening…

This article is meant to be a general discussion and not intended to single out any particular person.

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