This isn’t an article about a car, well, not really. Rather, it’s a discussion about how a Ferrari would feel if one were to be human. It’s about the type of emotions it would carry inside: the pain, sorrows, celebrations, respect and love it would show others. It’s about the power and confidence provided to those lucky enough to drive and appreciate being in its presence. It’s also about the overall image it would project to the world if made of blood, guts and true feelings.

A Ferrari is an amazing machine. It’s mostly hand made to razor-like specifications and precision by those gifted geniuses in Maranello, Italy. Its powerful engine performs and sounds like nothing else on the road today. The interior is constructed of the finest quality leather and highest polished chrome, its body is given several coats of hand mixed optimal paint, and chassis is built to ease drivers around the tightest of turns without the slightest hesitation. There are other super cars which are just as fast and cost more, but a Ferrari, just its name sends chills through the pickiest of automobile enthusiasts.

I had the pleasure of driving a Ferrari for a weekend once, and believe me; it lived up to its reputation and legacy. Just admiring every detail from its bulging engine, the feel of its super-soft leather, the stance of its tires, and richness of its paint kept me admiring for hours (can you tell I’m a car guy) and that was while simply sitting stationary in my garage. Maybe it was a guy thing, but I found myself unable to sleep knowing what was waiting to be driven downstairs.

The Ferrari brand is rarely advertised on TV. You’ll seldom see any self-promotion or competitive campaign trying to grab buyers and thrust them into showrooms. A salesman assisting a Ferrari buyer doesn’t need to work very hard because the quality of his product is realistically unmatched. And with the price of a new model (depending on version) well north of $200,000 plus, demand for this sexy beast is as strong as ever--in this economy, just imagine that.

If a human being could be a, Ferrari, wouldn’t you love being one?

Ferrari’s wouldn’t struggle getting their points across to others because their words would always carry great weight, trust, depth and influence. People wouldn’t hesitate to believe them because of their competitive winning history, superb quality image and stellar reputation. A Ferrari would never lie or play games. He would have nothing to prove. Any celebrities or politicians out there who can match that?

A Ferrari would always demand respect from others, because it could, and wouldn’t accept anything less. It wouldn’t need anyone else because it performs just fine on its own. It likes itself, and is extremely comfortable in its own skin. It tells itself that it’s beautiful on the inside out, and the world wholeheartedly agrees with its confidence. If you were friends with a Ferrari you’d be proud to know one and most likely want to be friends for life. A Ferrari wouldn’t be jealous of your successes, your looks, or engage in any petty disagreements because it wouldn’t hang out with persons of low quality. A Ferrari’s friends would be Lamborghini's, Mercedes’, Porsche’s etc, in other words, those sharing similar traits and values. He would demand, and surround himself with the finest in companionship and personal behavior. This machine would only hang out with supportive personalities, not negative ones. Why? Because a Ferrari is the best and he knows it.

Many these days share their products, services and personal opinions on social media. They seek others likes, re-tweets and shares. It’s a constant competition to see who’s moved up the search engine ladders and gets the most “hits” on their blogs and websites. Some have even made it a full time job striving to become the next, Social Media King or Queen. But, what would a Ferrari do here? Would he spend his time posting and re-posting? Or would he do so occasionally, allowing his stellar reputation to grow his audience? Money, it would never be a problem for a Ferrari because everyone would gladly pay for his products and services knowing they’re receiving the absolute finest.

I doubt a Ferrari would have many relationship troubles. Whether or not this human machine is a guy or his sexy sister, a Ferrari would have the luxury of being choosy when selecting a mate. Think about it, the ones who created a Ferrari (designers) put together perhaps the finest individual there is. His lineage is one of blue-blooded genes. His siblings come from the same mold. He was taught to be, and is, the smartest and arguably fastest in the room. He maintains himself extremely well and strives to always act, and appear at his best. When he enters a social situation (road) others instantly know his reputation is impeccable. There is little to no competition because everyone recognizes his name and he doesn’t need to sell himself to anyone. He attracts the best because he is the best and his children will inherit his morality. Very rarely would anyone pick a fight with a Ferrari because they know they would most likely loose. If a Ferrari heard someone expressing negativity towards him, he wouldn’t give it a passing thought and just keep going faster and faster.

All of us have lived like Ford's, Chevy’s and Volkswagen's at one time or another. However, living as a Ferrari would is a life worth striving for.

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