Do these words sound familiar? “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor…period!” Again, sound familiar.

These words were spoken over and over (some 34 times) by our current President in an attempt to derail insurance companies, conceive the truth, lie to and make fools out of the American people in regards to his signature policy. It’s all coming to pass right now, and will give new merit to the old saying, what comes around, goes around when the elections of 2014,2016 finally arrive. Then, and only then, can America try and recover from this horrible charade.

For the past few weeks I’ve watched, both with laughter and great sadness, at how the real truth of Obamacare has taken effect. Right now, millions are losing their insurance due to the unspoken regulations inserted into this law. And millions more will follow suit next year as businesses are forced into canceling employee policies because of increased costs and ridiculous rules. As an example: I’m a 51 year old white male, who, according to Obamacare, must have maternity care written into my policy. Really? Please tell me how this can be seen as anything other than an attempt to destroy the private insurance industry and rob people of the policies they like, and are comfortable with. Some people could argue: Well, the insurance companies are canceling the policies, it’s their fault. Hmm…were they canceling them before Obamacare’s rollout?

The brutal truth is Obamacare has never been about health care, it’s all about the redistribution of wealth and further government control over the American people. Obama knew all along what would happen, after all, he’s the President isn’t he? Personally, if I were President and enjoyed touting my signature policy as something to be proud of, believe me, I would’ve read every word and made sure it had everything in it I wanted before signing it into law. He did, and now the ugly truth is coming to pass. And as far as not knowing the destructive forces behind it, he knew all along. It’s what his billionaire supporters have wanted forever: Socialism, and the destruction of the American way of life. Are the words, “The fundamental transformation of America” recognizable? They were spoken over and over by then, candidate Obama in 2008.

As the cards continue being dealt while Obamacare spreads its poisonous tentacles, it makes me wonder, why are roughly 35-45% still clinging to the notion that a Government-run anything can ever be better than one operated by the private sector? Case in point,

Did anyone catch 60 minutes recently? They did a story on, that huge company which was started from nothing during the early 1990’s. Their website handles over a million users per hour. At its peak, it does over 300 transactions per second. Yet, the Obamacare website which has been, and continues to be a disaster, cannot handle a small fraction of this. And in case you didn’t know, it enrolled a whopping 6 people during its first period of operating. Why? Because the government is incapable of doing anything on time, below costs and efficiently without being bogged down by regulations and red tape. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my country and believe the Government has its roles. But running something as large as health care? Best leave it to private sector experts as is evidenced by this website’s rollout nightmare.

Obamacare’s dismal website is just a small predictor of what will happen once this law takes full effect. Just imagine being enrolled, if you can enroll, and walking into a Dr’s office for treatment. First, your regular Dr., more than likely won’t treat you. It’s no longer worth his/her time due to the slow, minimal payments they’ll receive from the government. Second, forms after forms will have to be filled out. Third, the quality of care will be minimal at best because of the increased numbers of patients. Fourth, should you need advanced treatment for cancer, heart disease, or other life-threatening illnesses you’ll have to wait weeks, if not months while some bureaucrat in Washington makes a decision on your behalf. Again, that’s on your behalf (health)! Sound good? And these are just some of the headaches coming down the road unless this law is either significantly changed, or repealed all together.

For those who’ve supported this President and Obamacare, I wonder, what their reactions were while discovering the health policies they’ve been salivating over had huge premiums attached? Did they really think they were going to be low, affordable, even free? Or something better than what was currently available? Imagine their shock while seeing the huge deductibles and sky high price tags. Did they really believe Obama had their best intentions at heart? Do they not see now how this is nothing more than another intrusive tax on their lives should they enroll? A power grab over our rights as citizens? A way of collecting more personal information to be possibly used against them in the future? One last thing, did you know that if you enroll in Obamacare you could get subsidies to help pay for it? Where from you ask? You guessed it: the American taxpayer, proving the redistribution of wealth!

How much more does the American citizen need to see before finally turning the tide back to greatness? And how can America ever begin to trust the Presidency again while its current occupant repeatedly faces the cameras and voluntarily deceives?

I’m praying for my country right now. I’m hoping for new leadership to take power soon which will bring us back to prosperity. And I’m willing to bet it’ll happen in time to save the American dream.

Thanks for listening…

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