It’s the Christmas season, meaning most are thinking of presents under the tree, trips to shopping malls and brightly-colored boxes filled with things on our wish lists. The holidays are a magical time, giving us hope and reasons to be thankful. The beginning of a new year will also start soon, dusting off those resolutions always filled with good intentions and promises to keep. But, aside from the gifts and changes we want, did you know that right now you’re already overflowing with everything you’ve always desired? That the person God created you to be is packed with the talent, creativity and expertise to become the individual you’ve dreamed of being?

There are buried treasures inside us all begging to come out. Books, movies, stories, promotion, businesses and the relationships you’ve always craved and wanted to create are waiting to be unleashed; all it takes is opening the door and allowing them to take place.

So many are living inside a “what if” mentality. They wonder, as each New Year passes why their prayers and aspirations go unanswered. Many ask, “Why didn’t I ever get that dream job, book deal, my face on the silver screen, or relationship I always craved?” They look at others and become envious, jealous, and even angry at the successes of those around them. There always seems to be someone, or something else we want in order to become happy and fulfilled. Yet, for all of us, those desires we have deep within are there and waiting, all it takes is letting go of the uncertainties and insecurity holding us back, letting loose the power within.

Perhaps, the single biggest factor keeping us from our dreams is, fear; that ugly, four letter word that lives in our self-conscious and always waiting to strike at the first sign of your success. It tells you lie after lie: That you don’t hold the talent, have the connections, the right family background, the will, the drive, or the creativity to make things happen--that you’re not good enough, pretty or handsome, or contain the proper motivation and patience to carry through with your efforts. That there’s too much competition running against you, and you’ll always be fighting a losing battle. And that some are just lucky, or born into winning gene pools.

Fear can be debilitating, suffocating and make you believe in a negative world. It can also cause you to wake up at a latter age, look around, stare into a mirror and reminisce about a life which could have been if only you’d tried. So many don’t go for their goals or to have a great relationship because of fear of failure. Others observe, and allow the disappointments of others to bankrupt their future.

Taking risks is something required in order to succeed at anything. It’s kind of like holding a winning lottery ticket; no one has ever won without walking into a store and taken that chance. Most don’t ever win, yet sometimes they do. And those are the ones never afraid of taking their shot.

Too many have succumbed to settling. They go through life believing that where they are is all there is, and all there ever will be. Many times they blame their upbringing, race, or others around them for lack of motivation. Yet, they always wonder how much better their lives could’ve been if only they’d taken an opportunity, and ignored the forces holding them back.

Make this coming year the one dedicated to new beginnings. Think about the one accomplishment that’s always lingered in the back of your mind and take at least one step towards making it happen. Don’t listen to any negativity; voices telling you it can’t be done or you’re wasting your time. Let go of the talent you know you possess and share it with the world. Go after that person which could make you happy, throwing caution to the wind.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of having wasn’t placed inside you by accident; it’s there for a reason. As you move, God will also move, doing his part to fulfill your destiny.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord. He came upon this earth to bring us joy, peace and happiness, not to live unfulfilled lives. What makes one individual happy is different for another. But, it’s up to you to shift in the right direction.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

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