O sing to the Lord a new song, For He has done wonderful things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained the victory. Psalm 98:1 We may break ourselves off from all that is sinful in our past lives, and begin afresh, saying, ‘God helping me! I will write another sort of biography for myself for the days that are to come. Alexander Maclaren, 1826-1910, British Baptist expository preacher

Serve the Lord with gladness.. Psalm 100:2a Be not an eye-servant or a man-please; serve God with singleness of heart and the Lord who gives you grace to serve, will give you divine grace to sing. Charles H. Spurgeon, 1834-92

Know that the Lord Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves.. Psalm 100:3a We must be trying to learn who we really are rather than trying to tell ourselves who we should be. John Powell, 1925–2009, Christian author

I will walk within my house in the integrity of my heart. Psalm 101:2c It is sad if those who have reason to know us best, by their daily converse with us, do speak least for our godliness! William Gurnall, 1617-79, English author and clergyman

I will set no worthless thing before my eyes.. Psalm 101:3a Character is distilled out of our daily confrontation with temptation, out of our regular response to the call of duty. It is formed as we learn to cherish God’s principles and to submit to self-discipline. Sidney Greenberg, 1917-2003, American rabbi, author