The heart beats faster with every gaze into the eyes of your love. Your hands sweat and it's harder to breath. The excitement level is near maximum capacity and you wonder how you could ever live another year, day or moment without the love. It's beyond passion and purpose. It's what you were made for. It's internal and eternal. It's consuming and it's more than desirable. To live without your love is to die daily and it's to wade in the deepest darkness of the shallow waters of an empty and directionless life. Yet we dodge our love daily for fear of rejection and we lay aside the deep desire for fear of failure. It's our hearts desire and dream that brings us to the heights internal and eternal exhilaration and joy.

Take hold of your dream, embrace it, revive it and give it a kiss of passion.

Somehow we've gotten mixed up in the monotony of life and let it deaden our desires as aspirin deadens our nerves. We reach for the remote just as a drunkard reaches for a bottle to fulfill his addiction or to ease his pain. We look at the drunkard as a hopeless case because we can see the physical ramification of a spiritual knife that has killed his hopes and dreams. Yet the TV, Facebook and other distractions slowly kill our desires only to leave us with an open wound building infectious emptiness and poisoning the whole body of hope. It doesn't matter if you follow Christ, if you let desire die, you die. You will always wander in the badlands of "what could have been". The whole body of hope must be nurtured for it holds in it motivation, inspiration, passion and the call on your life that will be an answer to someone's prayer. Yes, you hold an answer to someones prayer and it's a terrible and exciting dilemma.

We have been given a leading role to play in the Masters Theater of life. All eyes in heaven are on you waiting for you to make the grand entrance and steal the show. Standing ovations await you as you take the stage. The story "Kiss of Passion" was written for you by the Master Play-write with his heart in the role you play. It's a grand and heroic character who finally awakes to her mighty battle to free the slaves. She trains intensely learning battle strategy and to wield the sword. She builds her confidence and strengthens her resolve to fight even unto death. She leads the way into the battle field and perseveres through injury and loss. She knows she holds the answer to freedom and freely gives her life for those in bondage. She embraces and kisses her passion for she knows she kisses the heart of God. And He smiles. For many people, the dreams and desires they've held in their heart and mind have fallen asleep and now lay dormant under the curse of fear and the poison of lethargy.

Read the story above again and feel it for it is your story.

We've been given the promise of a full life and yet we fail to live it. In part we have twisted the meaning of "life to the full". We mistakenly equate it to a title in life or a monetary value. We placed a visual of houses, cars and vacations as living life to the full. Yet the one who promised this fullness came to heal the brokenhearted, make the lame to walk and make blind eyes see. But more importantly, He came to restore what was lost through Adam. Before the fall of mankind, Adam and Eve were made in God's image and likeness. (Read Genesis 1) They were not God but like God. In addition, the word "likeness" comes from a root word meaning "think". At this point Adam and Eve thought like God. But that's not all...They were given dominion over the earth and charged to subdue it. This is a very powerful point I am making. Jesus restored to us believers, all that Adam and Eve lost. The Gospels are a recorded example of what our lives on this earth are supposed to look like. Jesus gave us a visual of what us believers could have and do if we start to realize we are like God and we have the mind of Christ. When we renew or mind and start thinking like God, we will start to "find the call" for our life and fulfill it.

You have a leading role to play in the Masters Theater of life.

That role is revealed in your desires of the heart and mind.

Have you read the script lately?