Twas the night before Christ was born

and all through the barn, all the creatures were stirring wondering who these two were. Mary was frightened and Joseph unsure of what the heck God was doing. It seemed like a blur. They had to leave home to give birth in a barn. It didn't make a bit of sense. The Redeemer born in a barn! And it was anything but silent. The person who wrote "Silent Night Holy Night" apparently didn't have kids. With restless animals and Mary in labor it was not silent. Joseph had to be on edge and unsure what to do. And who delivered the baby? Did neighboring women help and if so they surely weren't silent. It was noisier in the unseen world, between heaven and earth. It is where the battle of the Great Dragon and the angels of God took place. The panicked evil warriors screaming and fighting to get to kill this little baby to end the beginning of Man's only hope. It was fierce, for the Great Dragon new it was the first tangible evidence of a hostile takeover of his beloved prize from Adam. It would be soon this baby would crush the head of the Dragon and death would die. This is the story of Christmas. Death would die for all those who would simply believe in the Redeemer and die to themselves. We celebrate a great birth that represents a death so we could live. We celebrate the he birth of the One who lived to show us how to die daily so we could truly live life to the full and compete the call on our lives. The story of Christmas is the story of a great warrior who came to free His people. It's an epic drama of pure Love pursuing Mankind so mankind could fully express itself. It's a picture of the Mighty Creator wiping the slate clean so we could live out the original plan given to Adam and Eve. It's the God of army angels knocking the chip off the enemies shoulder and crossing the line drawn in the sand. It's the spiritual equivalent of the battle of Normandy. It was anything but silent. It was a bold move of heroic proportions to reclaim spiritual territory in the hearts of Man. And it was all started with the birth of the baby we celebrate on Christmas day. Is there any wonder why Christmas is dated just before New Years? Could it be so we could rethink our position in this life? Could it be another chance to evaluate ourselves thoroughly before we make resolution for the New Year? Could it be another chance to reflect on the example the Christ set to show us how to live life in this world. Could God be saying to us, "Remember Adam's call." Could Christmas be a reminder that we can be bold, powerful and mighty? Could this season be the season that rekindles the fire of the Spirit of God in us? I challenge you to take time this season to purposefully think about your life. Take time for yourself and ask yourself these questions. Am I living the life I want to live? What has God put inside of me to accomplish in this life? Am I bold, powerful and mighty? If not, what so I need to do different to those things? If you are not where you want to be in life, then pray about it and make a plan to make a change in 2015. You may need to read books to help you get going. you may need a life coach to help you. What ever it is you need, start to do it. It will be hard at times but you have what it takes. Merry Christmas! Andy