Having been in the book of Isaiah and having looked at that amazing call of Isaiah it was suggested to me that I consider the question – “Who is Jesus?”

In Matthew Chapter 21 at verse 10 – The setting is Jesus Christ is riding into Jerusalem a week or so prior to His being crucified.

It is a highly emotional scene. It is a highly emotional season as the Passover approaches. At this time of the year emotions and passions and hope and dreams would be running high – family times – meals – presents – spending – as the level of activity increases.

A massive and serious question arises in the minds of many, and we have it in this verse – “Who is this Jesus?” The whole city asked it then – and many people continue to wonder – “Who is Jesus?”

Who is this Jesus – and most get it so wrong!

I remember my friend Pastor Marcel Dietler showing me this watershed as we were travelling in Switzerland – sources of water – the River Rhine flows to the north and the Rhone flows to the south – within a few miles of each other.

But the most important watershed of in the history of humanity – in the history of mankind – has been and is – the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

He has split history in two – every event is now dated with reference to His coming into the world – either before or after.

The influence of Jesus Christ is so immense – once you have seen Jesus – once you have met Jesus – once you have had an encounter with Jesus – you cannot put him out of your mind – no matter how hard or how fast you might try to run away from him. You cannot act as though Jesus Christ never existed.

“Who is this?”

This is no academic speculation – or theological theorising.

This is Almighty God breaking into history in an unprecedented way – invading our world with love and power and mercy and grace and forgiveness – only to be rejected and ignored and explained away.

Jesus Christ comes to rescue men and women who are perishing. Jesus comes to seek those who are lost. Jesus comes to forgive sinners – and so few want to know.

“Who is this?” “GOD” – the Bible declares and teaches.

One criticism is – just because it is written in a book does not make it true! That is true – but it is more than that, as we look at what is written and what has transpired over these past 2,000years.

The coming of Jesus Christ into our world is first and foremost a message about GOD.

It is more than a new morality, or higher ethical standards.

It is more than brotherly kindness and loving our neighbour – it is more than a new way of looking at life – or a fresh and revised social programme – but it includes something of all of these.

It is GOD breaking through into our darkness with light.

“Loving gracious Father, help us to see clearly who Jesus Christ was and is. Reveal to us, by the Holy Spirit, the significance of what has happened in and through the coming of Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Saviour. Help us to share clearly and lovingly with those who may not be very sure. Amen”