We have been looking at that question – “Who is this Jesus?” We read from Matthew 21, focusing our thoughts upon the humanity of Jesus – the manliness of Jesus Christ.

We saw that from every page of the Gospels – as we roamed all over the life of Jesus – and there emerges that picture of Jesus the man – “Down to such a world as this”.

Today we look at Jesus Christ – God, the Son.

I have no idea as to what the answer to these questions might be – but have you ever imagined what it must have been like in heaven when the Son of God laid aside His Gory – and cast off His Eternal Royal Robe – and left heaven for Mary’s womb?

What did God the Father say? How did the God the Holy Spirit react?

Were the angels watching? “Gabriel – you said this was going to happen – and we could hardly believe it, when we first hear it.” Think – think – wonder – wonder at the wonder of it all – as we use our sanctified imagination – (carefully and occasionally)

And angels watching – and watching over these next 33 years – every move of Jesus, the Son of God – and the Father keeping an eye on everything – does all this not come out when Jesus teaches about the love of the loving heavenly Father?

Does this not make you think about that boy who went away from home for a season – for very different reason – but father was waiting and looking? (Luke Chapter 15)

We have read of Jesus the man – weary – weeping – tempted – experiencing conflict – betrayal – being denied and deserted – suffering the agonising and humiliating pain of crucifixion. The angels were on watch.

Is it not only as we consent to follow Jesus that we discover and continue to go on discovering what it means – that HE WAS GOD?

We have to be inside the fellowship of the church to see this. Is this not privileged information – which can be preached and heralded and proclaimed – but it is only understood as HE gives us “insider information”?

It is similar to the city of Jerusalem – you cannot see the city of Jerusalem from the outside – you have to ascend the surrounding mountains and enter the city.

Likewise – you cannot see the Church of Jesus Christ from the outside – you can only see it from the inside – within.

Turn to Jesus the man, in prayer. When praying in your saddest and gloomiest and most painful moments – and you find it is God with whom you are carrying on a conversation.

Have we not found that over these past years?

To the man who has no desire to lead a life of discipleship and obedience and faithfulness to Jesus Christ – this could sound false and strange and almost weird – but not to those who have found it to be so true and real and lasting.

Would it not be like trying to convince a man that a television set can produce a vision and sound when plugged in and switched on? Or – the deeper levels of friendship when you have to trust yourself to a friend?

Prayer is like Jerusalem itself – prayer can only be seen and understood and experienced from the inside.

“O loving God – help me to pray – help me to concentrate and focus my thoughts and thinking on what is important – and take me deeper in my communion with You – let these prayer times create in me what only You can create and do and accomplish – through Jesus Christ my Saviour. Amen.”