Things happen in life that sometimes leave us frustrated and even afraid. Other things bring us a certain measure of anticipation and even excitement. Some have the capacity to do all of the above mentioned things. Back in 1999 I never thought that, following my forty-ninth birthday I would be flipping burgers at McDonald's. Sure enough, there I was working the "backline" as it's called as the grill man. At times it was hectic and at times it was pretty sedate. But it was work. And I was getting paid and making a living to go along with my "weekend" ministry with the Berea Christian Church.

What a difference seven years makes. Little did I think that, following my fifty-sixth birthday, I would be back at McDonald's again. The same McDonald's Restaurant as before; same manager; different task. This time I am being trained to handle the drive thru. May I remind you that I am fifty-six and was planning on finishing my years in the ministry with the Minorsville Christian Church as their full-time preacher. Unfortunately, due to a shortfall in offerings, I have to take a full-time job and relegate my ministry to part-time with the church.

The elders and people of the congregation are very disappointed that this has had to happen. But it has. No sense wondering about the "what ifs" when the "what is" is right there in front of you saying, "Pay attention to me." So, for now it's McDonald's. The gentle folk of Minorsville are hoping that it won't be for long, but it very well could be. The point is this; right now I am doing what I feel I must for the good of the church financially and also for my wife's and my well-being. Which brings me back to the drive thru and the harrowing experience of trying to balance two voices with their respective activities simultaneously.

Did I mention that I'm fifty-six? I am thoroughly convinced that God will bless me with the concentration and determination to learn the techniques I need to do the job I've been hired to do. I am just as surely convinced that God will bless the efforts of the Minorsville Christian Church to grow as it seeks its position of service in its community. That's what all of this is about right now; God's blessings to those who perform His will with His guidance. Both the church and myself have had to learn some humility. It is not by our might that we do what He needs us to do. It is by His might.

Ephesians 6:10 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. In it, Paul simply states the task of every Christian. "Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." If I succeed in learning and developing all I need to be a competent drive thru worker for Mickey D's, and if the church becomes the effective serving arm of the kingdom it needs to be for the Minorsville community, it will be because of the "power of His might." Part of that power is my asking you readers to be praying for the church and its preacher that we might be exactly what God needs us to be for Him and our community.