Currently on TV there is a commercial playing that has the cutest kids in it talking about being sick. One little boy holds up a dirt covered earthworm and says, "I think salmonella is a kind of dinosaur." That sounds like a kid. They hear a word which has no meaning whatsoever to them and they place it in a connotation and then give it whatever meaning fits their connotative understanding. Yep, that's a kid. Fit the word to mean what works for them. Funny how adults do the same thing.

Here in Kentucky words retain very little of their original meaning. "No Parking" means no parking unless you are still sitting in the car or leave the car with the motor running. "Handicap Parking Only" means what it says unless you're the one in a hurry and you only plan on being in the store for a short time; like no more than an hour. But my all time favorite has to be what I see on an almost daily basis as I drive around the Blue Grass. "Yield" is treated like "Stop" and "Stop" is treated like "Yield."

Let me warn you. If you come to Kentucky be prepared if you follow someone off an exit ramp from an interstate or other multi-lane highway. If the sign at the end of the ramp is a "Yield" that person you're following will probably stop. What's that? They do that where you're from also? No. No. Don't tell me. You actually do it yourself? Let's face it folks. We're taught how to drive. We study our appropriate state's driving laws book and then pass a test to allow us to be eligible for our driver's license.

That's where it ends. We automatically revert to what we think is the right way to drive and terms mean nothing. "Slower traffic keep right" means drive in the middle lane if you want. That way the other cars have two lanes in which they can pass you. All those white signs with their black lettering are there for our safety. If we follow their law we have the best opportunity of surviving our time on the road. Sad thing is, that survival is also dependent upon how closely the other person follows those same white signs.

As far as meanings go, God is very implicit with His. They can't be changed even though we like to do so quite often. He says for us to stay away from sin or suffer the consequences. Sin, like those white signs on the road, is a matter of choice. We can drive our life too fast. Run in the wrong lane. Refuse to use safety restraints. I know. You've been taught that you're human and God expects you to sin. Big lie. God, through Paul, tells us, "Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey its lusts." Romans 6:12 Don't misunderstand the terms on that big white sign. "Do not" means just that.