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Devotional: April 17th

We have become a nation of cynics. We expect the worst and usually are not disappointed. We lump people together in the most disdainful of fashions and say, "I told you so," when they perform as we predict. However, every now and then you hear a feel good story that reminds you of the good side of human nature and testifies to the fact that we really were made in the image of God.

A young man named Jason Powell worked on a farm near Corvallis, Oregon that grew grasses on a commercial scale for export, not just to the balance of the United States, but also the world. At the end of one particular day Jason reached for his wallet and found that it was missing. He wrote it off as gone for good. But the wallet was not lost. It was baled with the cutting of straw that was done the next day.

A farmer in Japan had ordered some straw from a company near Corvallis, Oregon. When he broke apart one of the bales to feed his cattle he found a wallet inside. After checking the wallet he decided to send it back to its owner. Six months later Jason Powell received his wallet one hundred per cent intact; driver's license, credit cards and the six bucks that he had planned to buy burgers with the night he lost the wallet.

When Jesus hand picked twelve men to be the ones into whose hands He would entrust His passion He had certain expectations. You have to wonder how much was omniscience and how much was just simple hope that He would make a difference in their lives to the point that, when the time came, they would give a return. Despite all the arguments, all the innuendos, all the disagreements and all the hateful attitudes, Jesus' men came through.

With Jesus ascended into glory and the Holy Spirit burning inside them, Jesus' group of men delivered. "And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other languages, as the Spirit gave them utterance." Acts 2:4 They had been given a ministry to give back to the Lord. They could just as easily have gone back to their lives and families. But they made a choice. They chose to fulfill Jesus' expectations. How about us?

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