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Originally posted on 03/17/2017

Mary's Thougthts

Read Luke 2

Have you considered what Mary thought about when the angel Gabriel comes to her and told her of God’s plan? Or have you ever wondered what Mary thought about during Jesus’ life. Let’s look at each recorded scene in Mary’s life and explore the meaning of what might happen.

At the Angel’s Visit

Mary, a young girl from a poor family, is pledged to Joseph, a local carpenter. There are three steps to marriage for Hebrew young couples. First the parents meet and discuss the possibility of a union. Then the couple become “pledged”, the only way a pledging could end was through death of one of the couple or through divorce. The final step is the marriage ceremony.

This message the angel brings, if Mary accepts it, will bring pain, ridicule and possible rejection by her peers, she might lose her fiancé.

However, Mary chooses to obey God. Did you catch that? She CHOOSES to obey God.

In the Stable

She sits quietly and listens to the shepherds jubilantly tell the story of how they heard of the birth of her son. They tell her of the angel and then the angel host and their message. These lowly workers are thrilled to know that they saw angels from God. Mary sits and listens and records their words in her heart.


Simeon, devoted to God, is at the Temple when Joseph takes Mary and baby Jesus for the purification rite. When Simeon asks to hold the baby, he praises God. In essence, he tells God he is ready to go to heaven in peace. Simeon calls the baby Jesus God’s salvation for His people.

As Joseph and Mary depart the Temple with Jesus, Simeon gives a blessing to them and says; “This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be s a sign that will be spoken against, so the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce your own soul, too.”(Luke 2:34, NIV)

Do you think that Mary revisited these scenes when she stood along the road leading to Golgotha and watched her son Jesus as he carried His cross?

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