So many do not realise that rejecting Jesus Christ leads to judgment.

We are in I Thessalonians Chapter 2 and verse 16 -

v.17 – Paul was prevented from nurturing that young church. We were taken from you. We so wanted to see you so that we might care for you. We had this great desire.

v.18 – Paul writes that he wanted to come to them on various occasions – but Satan hindered us. Stopped us – hindered us – it is the word for breaking up a road to render it impassable.

Satan put a road block in his path and he could not get through to visit them.

Paul recognised his enemy.

Paul must have taught these young believers about the opposing powers of darkness. Yet, God permitted it.

We have to discern between the hindrances of Satan and restraints of the Spirit of God. How do you know? You just have to learn!

The sheep hear My Voice and know My Voice.

There comes a time when we have to know when to resist Satan and press ahead, and when to wait upon God. When a work of God begins Satan retaliates the only way he knows how. The enemy is only permitted to go as far as the purposes of God allow.

If Satan can keep people apart he will, and here he manages to keep pupil and teacher apart. “Out of sight – out of mind” – that was not true as far as Paul was concerned. They were near to his heart even though miles separated them.

Is it not a significant point that Paul writes to these young disciples regarding the reality and danger of Satan. Might we, at times today, be too quiet about this reality and danger?

v.19 – We read something of Paul’s job satisfaction and the dividends from his investments and the harvest from the seed sown. He had no financial rewards but look at these spiritual riches.

The investments that outlast time are those we make in people.

It is wonderfully rewarding to see lives touched and transformed and shaped by Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

What he saw made him rejoice, even in the midst of all his problems.

These converts would be a source of delight to his heart and a cause for thanksgiving.

“Lord God – when we think of others who may be far away – spiritually as well as physically – help us to remember them in prayer. Teach us from this passage – to be concerned for those for whom we have a spiritual responsibility. Gracious Father, we take a moment now to remember them before Your throne – in Jesus name.” Amen.