We live in a 'microwave' society!! Don't you agree??

We hurry from appointment to appointment...meeting to meeting...ball practice to ball practice...and we don't give much thought to our nutritional needs. If we're not driving 'thru' some fast-food restaurant, then we are probably shoving some box of so-called food into the 'zapper'. My body stands as a monument to Burger King!!

I think especially that my generation (Baby Boomers) has failed to understand the value of slowness ... meditation ... pondering ... reflecting ... and wondering.

Sometime ago, fifty people over the age of 90 were asked what they might do differently if they could live their lives over again. The most common response was this..."I would reflect more." That's the opposite of what our goal is today..."How much can I cram into my schedule?!"

You'll probably notice this on most college campuses. There are very few 'students'...most of the folks on college campuses would be better labeled as 'crammers'. They don't study a subject - they cram for exams. They have never been taught that study is gradual, intentional, and purposeful.

Now...let's bring this all home...do you realize that knowing God's Word doesn't come from 'cramming'? It comes through deliberate and concentrated study and waiting on Him.

So, don't hurry through your study time with the Lord. There are many, many nuggets of gold He is waiting to show you!