I was advised a while ago while getting my novel, "Sons In The Clouds" ready to go online that few people I knew personally would buy, or even acknowledge it's existence. That only around 10% would even whisper a single word. Unfortunately, this viewpoint has proven entirely correct.

I'm not one looking for praise, please understand this. But, what has opened my eyes about many people these days is the increase in negativity among them. That, for whatever reason, they're uncomfortable in watching you succeed, gain a few shards of acclaim, climb a little higher in life, draw some attention from others. I was warned by several, yet I'd be lying if I said it hasn't bothered me some.

When I find out someone really close to me is succeeding in some way, even trying to, I'm usually the first to write, or call, letting them know I'm behind them the whole way. I'm not at all threatened by others success. Maybe, its because I'm extremely secure in my own skin, and like seeing people enjoy the fruits of their labor. After all, I'm one who believes we can't take it with us. After death, the unbelievable richness of heaven will be shared by those who believe. But negative forces are everywhere, trying to bring you down, tearing at your achievements. Some do it by not acknowledging them, as I've recently learned, therefore keeping their true feelings about you at bay. They don't want you, or others, to succeed because it makes them feel smaller, inferior, and having to work harder thinking they must catch up. Others try talking you out of doing something. I had more than one say right to my face, "In this climate, you'd be lucky selling ten copies, your dreaming, nobody knows who you are so why would they buy your book?" And the all to familiar quote, "Good luck with that one, buddy."

Our society has become increasingly negative, and I don't mean only from those we happen to know. I'm referring to our population as a whole. I was born in the 60's, making me just on the outskirts of the baby boomer generation. I remember when hooking up with friends and family meant picnics, face-to-face conversations sitting around a kitchen table, actually talking on the phone, spending far less time watching TV, and being there in person for a friend in need. My how times have changed, and a rarity indeed finding pure happiness in ones eyes right now unless Jesus is in the center of their lives.

There are many reasons, I think, for what's going on here. Some of the biggest are: social immorality, a decline in religious beliefs, and economic pressure. We now live in a world where "more is better, it's all about me, I'm getting mine, we gotta keep up with those Jones', if their kids have something we best go and get ours the same, I don't care who I run over-I'm getting that job or promotion," and the ridiculous worship of immoral celebrities and politicians. People are tired, you can see it on their faces. This sluggish economy has been a huge drain on everyone. But, all of this doesn't mean we must dive into the black abyss of negativity.

I've learned, especially the past few years, to avoid the negative and run to the positive. And I've had to let go of many in my life along the way. Negativity is the Devil in one of his most purest forms. When he comes, he comes at what you care about the most: your spirituality, physical appearance, relationships, financial capabilities, family, drive to succeed. He makes you think you can't do it, that what you want is beyond your scope of reality. He tries his best to whittle you down to skin and bone, using everything and everyone he can to defeat you. But, you don't have to give away your power. Shut the door to this dark cloud and keep your eye on the light. Keep the finish line in your sights. Turn a deaf ear to the devil.

We all have intuitive abilities, some more than others. I'm now in the second half of my life and have noticed mine are much more receptive than when I was younger. My radar seems to be peaking, giving much clearer pictures of what's going on inside others. Maybe, it's just life experience, but I can see a negative personality coming at me a mile away. When someone is truly happy and positive their eyes light up, they ask about you, they care what you think, they touch you, comfort you, build you up, they help others, they don't worry very much, you can sense this in their voices. Negativity comes when it's all about them. They brag about themselves, are mostly critical of others, have lifeless, tired-looking eyes, they're always sick, talking seems to be burdensome and laboring, they think the world's doomed, the subject of God is off limits, communication is limited to texting or e-mails, they're always broke, they could win the lottery tomorrow and complain about the amount, they zap your energy just being around them. These patterns are easily seen. Avoid them like the plague. When you draw this line in the sand, your life will be happier than you ever imagined.

"The biggest thing a negative person fears is a positive person