We are all being watched over. Whether or not you believe in a supreme being, astrology, quantum physics, or any other type of spiritual/non-spiritual theology, everything happens for a reason. In my novel, Sons In The Clouds a physical item was found by one of the main characters during his life's darkest moment. It gave him desperately needed faith, while death was becoming a certain reality.

Have you ever had moments in your life when you just knew favor was placed upon you? That certain circumstances beyond your control went to your benefit, the only explanation being that something intervened, protecting you, keeping you from harm, or fulfilling your wildest dreams.

I've had events in my life where I just knew something intervened, saving my life, trying to bless me financially, giving me hope, and speaking truth to me. There was simply no other explanation. All I could do was shake my head and enjoy the ride, realizing that something was carrying me forward toward better days.

As an example: In the early 90's, I was a pilot living in Las Vegas flying tourists over the Grand Canyon. It was one of those types of jobs you took in order to gain experience for a better one in the future. Anyone who's ever taken one of these sightseeing flights over this incredible terrain knows the scenery, and beauty of the area. It's also known as one of the busiest, and most dangerous pieces of airspace in the United States. I was flying a particular airplane which held nine passengers. During one flight, on a crystal clear morning, I noticed the radio chatter was busier than normal, with many pilots calling out positions that weren't far from mine. Flight rules were strict, but like any system, there was always room for error. Halfway through the flight, I looked to the side and saw another plane. We contacted each other on the radio, confirming our locations. As more time passed, something spoke to me, making me quickly look to the right. Before I realized it, the other plane was extremely close, and moving in. My gut sensed what was about to happen. A feeling instantly came over me, heightening my awareness. My reaction wasn't to turn, as I normally would, but to literally dive toward the ground. If I hadn't done this correctly and listened to that voice screaming inside, my life, and others involved wouldn't be here today. Another horrible event would've been on the ten o'clock news. Lot of questions would've remained unanswered.

That was almost two decades ago and I occasionally stir awake thinking about it. How that little voice inside kept me safe, moving my hands in the right direction. I've always known I was protected that day. Many could argue that adrenaline took over, but I just know God played a tremendous hand.

Now, that's a pretty extreme case and most don't ever face something so intense, but think about your daily activities and how your hands are often being guided in a positive direction. How a potentially damaging relationship was stopped because of certain circumstances (it just didn't feel right, etc). How the right people at the right time enter your life and promote your abilities, surging you to new heights. And yes, even when death's knocking on the door, it's miraculously avoided at just the right moment.

We weren't meant to live unfulfilled lives. Each one of us was given a receptive chip in our hard drives that hears, and swings into full motion when things aren't going as planned. That tingling along the back of your neck, sweat across your brow, sense of urgency seconds before disaster strikes, pulsating heartbeat when the right person comes along are all signals of intervention, showing us the way to our individual plans. There's also another side to the coin. When you fight these feelings, don't listen to what you feel is correct, and rebel against your inner being is when things almost always take a turn for the worse.

I was working for a fairly large company during the days of 911, and had been for the past several years. It was during this time that business started turning sour. The company had lost a huge contract and layoffs were coming hard and fast. I was one of the more senior employees and felt as though I was safe. I loved my job and really wanted it to continue. Even the senior management kept stating that new business was on the horizon. But, my gut told me it was time to move on. Fairly quickly, I found myself interviewing for an up-and-coming company, though it meant returning to the bottom of the seniority list and operating in a much different environment. I was hired and took leave from my present job, allowing me to keep my options open. Showing up for training, the people were nice, pay was good, office facilities were excellent, not a bad deal. But, I couldn't let go of what I loved. I fought against seeing the potential of what laid before me, though that little voice said to continue moving forward. A long story short, I resigned and returned to my previous position, a decision I regretted because my old company went completely out of business within a few months, costing me both, financially and emotionally. Intervention had knocked on the door, practically banged against my head, I just didn't want to listen. This new plan and opportunity would've led me in a terrific direction. A hard lesson had been learned, teaching me to watch for intended favor.

The above is a typical example of not allowing intervention to take hold. To fight against it is to turn your back on your life's best days. Many of us do this all the time. Maybe whatever is trying to drive us isn't convenient, makes us uncomfortable, doesn't give that instant satisfaction we all crave, and makes us work a little harder in a world where there aren't enough hours in the day. But, when you sense that feeling of doing something you feel is the right choice, the pieces of the puzzle really line up to your advantage. You know the instant it happens, letting you realize something, or someone is trying to steer you in the right direction.

Another word compared to divine intervention is, intuition. We all have it, that sneaky little emotion helping us predict what's coming next. All of us men have heard of "Women's Intuition," and brave is the man that disagrees when it's in full force. But intuition, in my opinion, is God-given. Just another way he's looking out for you and I. It's an ultra-sensitive emotion, giving us the power to move the world.

Allowing intervention to help you through life is easy to do. All that's needed is to stop, and listen. The supreme forces that control the universe will guide you unconditionally.