Our world lost one of the greatest minds of its time this week, Steve Jobs. So I find it only fitting to say a few things about where he's going from here, at least, in my viewpoint.

When you think of the truly great inventors, geniuses, and business pioneers of the worlds history very few names stand out. I'm talking about the ones who REALLY changed the way we live our lives (i.e. Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Edison, The Wright Brothers, Einstein, and now Steve Jobs). They literally altered the course of our history and made things that drastically improved our very existence. Now that one of the greatest is gone, I sit here and wonder what God will do with such a man like Jobs--one of those rare souls who's creative genius led to the development of products which most of us either own, or wish to own; a person who led a company back from near-bankruptcy to being, at times, the richest and most profitable on earth. He was, and always will be, a legend to millions

Mr. Jobs' passing left behind a legacy which will rattle the pages of history books forever. He placed a footprint on this world which very few ever do; an ever-evolving impression felt all over the world. So, now that he's gone, what will God do with him now? After all, he created Mr. Jobs' rare brain and planted him on this earth obviously with great intentions. But, now that he's finished his work, what will his afterlife consist of?

Look, obviously I'm a person of faith and believe in the afterlife wholeheartedly, and so where does God place all the smart kids like Jobs? Does he put him to work tuning the harps, shining the streets of gold, cultivating the endless fields of roses and wildflowers, maybe even checking off the names of new arrivals as they enter the pearly gates then directing them to their loved ones who've passed before? (Surely not) Or does he get to sit and join the other geniuses with big contributions to humanity; climbing the upper stairways leading to the central balcony where God reigns and watches. I don't know, but it would be an interesting scene to step back and watch.

Let's say that the second Mr. Jobs entered heaven, he came face-to-face with his creator: The Alpha and the Omega, the Supreme Spirit, the Big Cheese, you know, GOD. They stare at each other for a short while before a conversation begins. God thumbs through his book of life and places it aside. Mr. Jobs gazes back, barely able to speak because of the magnitude of the situation. They begin talking for a while as God answers all of his top questions: How did you come into existence? Why do you allow such suffering in the world? Why didn't you let me live longer? Where are all my relatives who've died before me? Are we humans alone in the universe? Do I truly live here forever? What happens now? I believed in Buddha, are you him? Is Warp-Drive even possible? (Only Jobs would ask this)

I'm sure God will have special duties picked out for someone so rare and gifted. Perhaps, he'll be put to work watching over other geniuses and their work, tapping them on their shoulders and giving them subliminal messages while guiding their research as they labor to create the next technological marvels. If there's ever going to be Transporter Rooms, or Warp-Driven Star Ships like we've all seen on Star Trek, I'll just bet that Steve Jobs will be the chief angel overseeing their inventions. And who knows, maybe God will let him have a little fun with his biggest competitor and friend, Bill Gates.

I cannot imagine a mind as brilliant as Jobs' not being utilized to do great things in Heaven. Even though God creates, controls, and owns everything anyway, having a super computer like this will be a welcomed addition inside of heavens gates. And the billions of souls who he's joined, they're probably loving their new arrival and filling his ears with lots of questions and comments right about now: How did you come up with that one, Steve? What made you think that the I-Phone and I-Pad would ever actually work? If you had lived a little longer, what were you sketching out next? And the money, man, lots to leave behind, huh?

And then, the crowd will part, the harps will play, and Steve's guardian angel will appear saying, "Good job, Steve, but if you would've listened to me a long time ago, you could've owned Microsoft as well!"

Looking defeated, Jobs is probably saying, "Really? Crap!!"

The world's going to miss you, Steve, enjoy the next chapter.