More than likely, while getting to know someone for the purpose of forming a romantic relationship, the subject of politics will eventually boil to the surface. You'll be sharing that bag of buttered popcorn waiting for a movie to start, chit chatting in a restaurant looking forward to your favorite meals to be served, watching the news, or lying in bed when all of a sudden sloppy smiles appear, or explosive hair-pulling begins making the gloves fly off while discussing the latest political headlines. After all politics, and probably religion are two of the most debated subjects we'll ever discuss as human beings and nothing weaves people together, or tears them apart more than these very important topics.

In the current, super-heated political arena we're living in now, it's inevitable during the dating phase that you'll discuss how a romantic partner signs along his/her political dotted lines. Are they Republican or Democrat, Capitalist or Socialist, Pro-Gay or Anti-Gay? How do they feel about Government Fiscal Responsibility, Immigration, Taxes, Abortion, Global Warming, those wood-stocky-types occupying Wall Street, even the Legalization of Drugs (Marijuana)? On and on and on it can go. But what's really important, in my opinion, is learning to agree to disagree because no two people will ever see eye to eye on everything. If they did, they wouldn't be individuals, and therefore not open to either criticism or approval from their adoring partners, which is a major part of the relationship process. And frankly, who would want to be with someone who mirrored their personality verbatim anyway? Politics is a very multi-dimensional, in-depth, confusing subject and just one fraction of the political equation can propel most down the road toward some extremely spirited discussions. I've even witnessed a plate of spaghetti thrown at the television while a Presidential candidate smiled for the cameras!

I've known a few women from years past whose political views were so different than mine I could literally see my heart pumping with scorching adrenaline. Naturally, my first inclination was to do everything I could to move them toward my way of thinking. Their reasoning just didn't seem logical, rational, or in the spirit of mainstream America. Shots would fire across our respective bows until blood would boil, and hurt feelings started to linger. I even said so long to one who actually thought Communism was, at times, a good idea. Wow! Really? Communism!

I'm a center-right Republican, but am always willing to listen to opposing opinions; so obviously it's interesting for me to gather others theories and beliefs. I'm learning to hear, and also debate respectfully and honestly. Maybe it comes with age and experience, I don't know, but I'm old enough to realize that no one will ever match you line per line, word for word, or equally among each phase of your core belief system. It's just never going to be in the cards for any of us. But, that's only a piece of what makes us all human, right?

If you're involved with someone romantically, whether it's simply dating or even a marriage, do you think it can grow and survive extreme political indifference? When November of 2012 finally rolls around and you both walk inside those separate voting booths, then emerge knowing full well different handles were pulled, how would the rest of the day appear? Could you both move past it and head to the nearest Lowes or Home Depot to discuss that kitchen remodeling project, or grocery store to pick out the evenings meal? If a Republican is elected President next year and your partner's a diehard Democrat would they sit and stew during the next four years causing unwanted fights and issues?

I think our overall maturity and sensitivity to those we love plays a huge role here. Once again, if you can learn to agree to disagree and move forward, great, but if your respective partner just cannot get over your political differences then it's going to be a long and winding road toward adoring, starry-eyed, romantic bliss. For some, their political beliefs simply define too much of who and what they are, placing such a huge importance at the forefront of their personalities that no one dare disagree. That's okay and it's everyone's right, but it leaves little wiggle room for others to enter their intimate arenas therefore bypassing what could be an incredible relationship.

So, can two diverse political opinions from different sides of the tracks make it? Absolutely! Because in the end and relatively speaking, if politics is all you differ on, well then, you've got it made.

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