No man carries the cross of Jesus faithfully without receiving a work of God in his own life, and on occasions, through his life into the lives of his family. Remember what your Cross is. You can lift it up or put it down. It is not sickness or a person or a set of circumstances, or anything of that nature.

News had travelled fast, and a sympathetic crowd had gathered, and they are not afraid to express their emotions. They are not afraid to allow their deep feelings for Jesus to flow out towards Jesus.

We are in John Chapter 19 at verse 18 where Jesus is crucified with two men we know were criminals at either side of Him. Jesus was numbered with the transgressors. Jesus fulfils ancient prophecy in so many ways.

There are few words here. The Bible is very economical, as we are given the facts, which are not embellished with great detail.

A pastor was speaking with a woman who had left the church and would not return because someone had offended her. He went to see her - and a long list of faults and accusations poured out. He listened - and then asked - "Did they spit on you?" No. They spat on Jesus. "Did they ridicule and scourge and mock you?" No. They did all that to Jesus. "Did they tell lies about you and plan and plot and conspire to get you out of the Church? No. They did all that to Jesus and He forgave them."

He went on to say to her - "There is not one single thing you have told me that is worth holding onto and remembering. There is not one single grudge or grievance that is worth harbouring in your heart."

This is a word we need to hear repeatedly - "Forgive". A lack of forgiveness binds us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and may even cause us to become physically sick - certainly robbing us of poise and power and peace.

When we release a spirit of forgiveness, healing, wholeness, love, peace and contentment can flood our beings. The other Gospels speak about how Jesus forgives, even when suffering the agony of and humiliation of the cross.

Jesus did not want to be limited or restricted in any way whatsoever, as he fulfils His redeeming and saving work, so He releases a liberating spirit of forgiveness.

To heal men's sick bodies, a touch was all that was needed, but much more was required to save and rescue people from hell.

The marks of sin could be soothed and smoothed away by the Hands of Jesus, but to remove sin, required the Blood of the Son of God - the Blood of the Lamb of God was going to be shed at this special Passover.

Pilate had a noticed prepared which read, "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews." It is true whether Pilate believed it or not. You can disagree with it if you want to, but it is still true.

A man can disagree with anything he wants to in this book, but it is still true.

The notice was written in Aramaic, Latin and Greek. Everyone who looked at that sight on Golgotha, would be able to read it.

Greek - the language of culture and learning - the language of philosophy, art, literature - of ethics and morals at that time.

Latin - the language of government - authority - power. Jesus is the King of kings - the king of nations.

People say - you can't bring Jesus into politics - which really means - let's not take Jesus too seriously - and certainly not that seriously. How Jesus is so needed in politics.

Hebrew – The language of religion - the Jews - He is King - He is Lord - in every area of life. How Jesus is so needed in The Church - His Ways - His Love - His Power.

Soldiers gambled for his clothes to fulfil a further prophetic word.

The inscription on the Cross is prophetic. As people looked at the Cross they saw a peculiar sight. What kind of king was this? His throne is a piece of wood. His crown is a bit of thorn hedge. He has no robes now as soldiers gamble for His clothes, and yet, when all the other kings have passed away and when all the other high and mighty Caesars have fallen, Jesus Christ is risen and alive.