The day that Jesus arose after being nailed to a wooden cross, crucified til death, and giving the world a promise of everlasting life is the most significant worldly event to ever happen. It's what gives believer's hope, reasons to not fear death, and a peace inside that says, "yes" there is another life after this one comes to an end. It's an inner peace which millions carry with them, knowing that when their day of crossover finally happens there will be an outstretched hand immediately grasping theirs, welcoming them to the streets of gold.

I love the sights and sounds of Christmas. It, of course, represents the birth of Christ. It's probably my favorite holiday of the year. But Easter, it represents what happened on that hill so long ago which made Jesus so special. He was sacrificed by God so that all could be saved, no matter who you are. Jesus didn't die so that certain groups or races of people could walk into heaven. Rather, he hung on that cross, shed his blood, and carried with him inside the message that "anyone who believed in him would have everlasting life." Jesus was the light, and the way to the father. And I, for one, am looking forward to meeting him when my time finally arrives.

When Jesus walked this earth, he wanted nothing more than to bring people together, share common goals, be prosperous and at peace and to spread the word of God. He was met with harsh resistance, but kept on traveling the landscape attempting to fulfill the mission his father laid out before him. He knew that his death would be imminent, yet he also knew his seat would be waiting at the right hand of his father after it was said and done. Unfortunately, because his human presence was so long ago, many have turned away, or forgotten all together the promises that he made. Jesus knew this would happen, and the world would eventually steer toward the devil. But the test for all believers is life itself, and the enduring strength of your individual faith.

Our society is rapidly traveling away from the teachings of Jesus. One only need listen to the news and basic television programming to see what people deem is important, which way their thought processes are taking them, and among what lifestyles they're gravitating toward. Politicians of all parties are governing against the ways of God to keep their jobs, to vote with what's currently popular, instead of what Jesus had intended. Much of our youth is growing up without having the benefits of parents who believe. But all people should take comfort knowing that Jesus is always watching, waiting, and guiding those who keep their faith, are open to his words, and do their best to represent him while waiting on his return.

I grew up in a Christian home and was taught the bible from an early age. It makes me who I am, and I make no apologies for my beliefs. However, I'm a sinner, and one who is far from the perfection of Jesus. Sometimes, I've strayed from what I consider to be Christian. But, here's the thing. I've noticed that the closer I try and follow his ways, the better my life becomes. It's like he's always waiting on me to show him my faith so he can reward. And what's so amazing is he always rewards, no matter my sins of the past. All he wants is my faith, and to live the best life that I can, close to him.

It's Easter week, a time for believers everywhere to unite and celebrate the great promise. It would be easy to let these days come and pass by without much thought. But remembering what happened so long ago on that grassy hillside should cause the weakest and strongest believers to pause, and look forward to the continuation of the greatest story ever told.

Happy Easter

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