Ever had a big dream, huge aspirations to do something truly great, wanted to be “somebody” who is far out of the realm of your personal comfort zone, desired to leave your mark on the world for history to exhibit your legacy?

We all have them, deep inside, those hopes and dreams churning within. It’s great when we begin taking action: writing your first novel, blindly flying off to Hollywood to pursue an acting career, working hard for that next promotion, even going after the relationship you’ve always craved. We have but one life to live and should pursue what we truly want; whatever that is personally, but here’s the thing: the higher you go and closer you get to your destiny the more forces will come against you. The more obstacles and hurdles you’ll have to clear. At this point, there’s a choice you must make: Plunge ahead like a surging locomotive or let negative forces talk you out of what you really want.

Big dreams come with big problems. Average people have average problems, but outstanding people have much greater bridges to cross. Nothing comes free and rarely does success arrive without paying a price. But, if you really want what your heart desires you must be willing to fight thru those impending battles.

Have you ever noticed the second you start becoming successful how quickly negativity clouds begin forming? How voices appear telling you it can’t be done, that you don’t have the talent, the looks, the personality, the time, the patience, the connections, the drive or the passion. And inevitably, some of those claiming to be your friends and supporters suddenly find reasons to keep you down, to stay at their level, to ignore your efforts; even try talking you out of what you want to accomplish. Have you ever noticed how much pettiness, jealousy, even disrespect appears once you draw closer to your goals?

Here’s a key to getting ahead: Focus on your ambitions rather than allowing anything, or anyone to alter your course. Don’t ever listen to the reasons why you can’t do something, only listen to the one who says you can do something, YOU! Ignore your critics but pay attention to those willing to help you. When you have a true vision and believe in your talents, the right people at the right time will miraculously arrive, bringing things into reality.

Many of you reading my articles are writers, you have visions of becoming published and having your books placed on shelves where they can be bought, read and passed along to others. It’s a great thing to pursue and is wonderful when it happens—personally, it took over three years and lots of querying before my first novel finally went to print with a traditional publisher. Did I have lots of voices and opposition along the way? Absolutely. Did I care? I wouldn’t be human if I said I didn’t. Did I learn to shake them off and keep going after what I wanted? Absolutely.

No matter what great things you’re striving for, don’t ever talk yourself out of it. And even if your dreams come to pass the negativity will be right behind, chomping at your heels, just waiting for you to fail. The devil hates success; he curses your willingness to rise higher and wants you to stay right where you are. Don’t listen to him and don’t allow yourself to give in to the lie.

One of the best ways of attaining what you want is to surround yourself with positive people; those who genuinely have your best interests at heart. You may have friends and family members who’ve said how much they want the best for you, and how you should, “Go for It!” when pursuing your dreams. Yet, when things start coming together, suddenly and miraculously, their positivity begins dwindling; the best thing to do is either minimize your time or dismiss them altogether. After all, some people come into our lives for merely a season; they’re simply not meant for the long term.

Risk for reward and fear are also worth mentioning. If you’re not willing to swim in deep waters, then don’t expect to navigate the journey. If you’re afraid of “what could happen,” then your allowing past issues and personal hang-ups to ruin your future--a future better than you could ever imagine if you would simply let go of the shackles holding you back.

My wish is for anyone willing to dig deep and put in the work for them to be rewarded. I want successful people everywhere, making our society much more positive. And positivity breeds success.

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