(Of David) Save me, O God, for waters have come into the soul. Psalm 69:1 When circumstances seem impossible, when all signs of grace in you seem at their lowest ebb; then rest, even if without feeling, in the Father's faithfulness. D. Tryon

I have sunk in deep mire, and there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and a flood overflows me. I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; My eyes fail while I wait for my God. Psalm 69:2-3 No matter what happens to us, God always writes the last chapter. We can trust God to do what is right, no matter how painful our situation might be. Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe Professor, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary

O God, it is You who knows my foolishness, And my wrongs are not hidden from You. Psalm 69:5 The human being develops when his soul comes to know itself and the truths that God has implanted deep within, when he enters into dialogue with himself and his Creator. Pope Benedict XVI

May those who wait for You not be ashamed through me, O Lord God of hosts; May those who seek You not be dishonored through me, O God of Israel.. Psalm 69:6
Prayer enables you to reach farther. No matter where you are, you can reach out through prayer and touch the lives of family, friends and missionaries. Warren Wiersbe, American pastor, writer Christian literature, b1929

The reproaches of those who reproach You have fallen on me. Psalm 69:9b The true follower of Christ will not ask, "If I embrace this truth, what will it cost me?" Rather he will say, ‘This is truth. God help me to walk in it, let come what may!’ A. W. Tozer, 1897-1963, American pastor, preacher, author, magazine editor, spiritual mentor