I am afflicted and in pain; May Your salvation, O God, set me securely on high. Psalm 69:29 Make us thy mountaineers We would not linger on the lower slope, Fill us afresh with hope, O God of hope. Amy Carmichael, 1867–1951, Irish missionary, opened an India orphanage and founded an organization to save young girls from prostitution

The humble have seen (David trust and praise God in his physical and emotional pain) and are glad. Psalm 69:32a There is something captivating by the sight of a man or a woman burdened with many tribulations and yet carrying a heart as sound as a bell. Dr. John Henry Jowett, 1864-1923, English preacher

You, who seek God, let your heart revive. For the Lord hears the needy And does not despise His who are bound. Psalm 69:32b-33 Shake off the bands of sad despair; Look up, thy broken heart prepare, And God shall set the captive free. Charles Wesley, 1707-88, Methodist who wrote over 6,000 hymns

Let those be ashamed and humiliated Who seek my soul; Let those be turned back and dishonored Who delight in my hurt. Psalm 70:2 The Lord will subdue those to us that would have subdued us to themselves. Thomas Adams, 1583–1653, English Calvinist preacher

Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You.. Psalm 70:4a God is inviting us to enjoy him. C S Lewis, 1898-1963