There is a flash light craze going on in about every store you walk into. Some are small enough to fit on a key ring and some come with tri-pods. Some take double "A" batteries and some take 6 Volt batteries. Some are in-bedded in hat rims and some come mounted on glasses. It is really kind of phycotic on the focus put into the creating of uses for light.

I had to write and give a speech last week and it seemed everything I was preparing was out of this world boring. I had the concept of what I wanted the audience to go home with but didn't have a compelling visual. Then the light turned on... so to speak. Here is what I came up with. Our minds and the thoughts they produce are like batteries. And the maturity of our thinking is like the size or the capability of the batteries. For instance, a double "A" battery will not produce the same results as a car battery. The battery obviously need to have the capability or power to turn over a starter motor for the car to start. A double "A" battery is in no way able to start a car. So it is with us to fulfill the call on our life.

As followers of Christ, we must mature to the level of thinking and capability to do the work we have been called to do in this life.Through the process of renewing our minds and the fire of life, we move from being a double "A" to a "D" then to a 6 Volt battery; therefore ever moving closer to fulfilling the call on our lives. Why is this important? If we are to be a light unto the world and affect the most people as possible, we must mature in our thinking and capabilities. So how do we grow from a double "A" to a 6 volt and beyond? The first step we must take is changing the way we perceive ourselves and get a hold of the way God sees us. In my book, "Perceive, Pursue, Prevail" (Still being written.), I give several action steps we can take to help change our perception of ourselves for the good. Today I will share three.

1. Cut back on watching television. There, I said it. David Imonitie once said about television is they are telling you a vision. I agree and the biggest problem about it is "they" are telling you their vision. Their vision is mostly negative. Commercials tell us we need this medicine or that diet for real change. The networks have their viewpoint on the world and how you should live your life. When you cut out television, you can start working on God's vision for you. I still watch some TV but it is very limited and selective. It's part of a plan to keep my perspective positive.

2. Look at your failures differently. Failures are footsteps that lead to a fabulous future. We need to find the wisdom unearthed from our failures. Learning from our failures gives us the advantage over anyone who doesn't learn from theirs. Learning from failures prepares us for the next step in life. We will always fail at something so we might as well take the viewpoint of "What can I learn from this situation?" Learning from failures is true education. The word educate originates from the word "educo". It's meaning is: to draw out, lead out, march out/bring up. Living life and experiencing failures draws out of us what we need to succeed in this life. In 1Peter it states we have everything we need for this life and Godliness. Failure helps pull it out of us.

3. Self Suggestion or Auto Suggestion. I learned this technique from Napoleon Hill. Though it has been scientifically and psychologically proven to work effectively, I have found that people have not heard of this. Simply put, it is looking in a mirror and telling yourself who you want to be or what you want your future to be. Let me share with you how I use it. After I wake in the morning, had coffee and have read something positive, uplifting or motivating, I get dressed. I get in front of a mirror that reflects at least the top half of me. With energy and enthusiasm I start speaking to myself such phrases as; "Andy, you are a highly confidant man. You have a pleasing personality. You are a man of perseverance, endurance and dedication to the call on your life. Because you have the fullness of Christ in you, no weapon formed against you shall prosper." Of course you must fashion your words to meet your own needs.

I must tell you that this works in the negative sense also and is always working for the negative or the positive. This is why we must purposely take action toward what God say's about us. Learning what God say's about us and instilling it in our minds and heart takes daily work. There is a reason the Apostle Paul said to work out our salvation because it will take work to renew the mind. We are told in Scripture that we have the mind of Christ but most of us followers of Christ are not tapping into His thinking. The steps above will be a great starting point for you to get started in increasing your battery power and getting closer to fulfilling the call on your life.

What action step will you take today to start changing the perception of yourself for the good?