Dear Abby asked that question years ago. My immediate thought was Jesus Loves Me. What do you think it is?

Give up?

It's Happy Birthday.

Well, I sang that song to my granddaughter this week who turned three on the 11th. She's been celebrating her birthday all week long. She was so excited about her birthday party and all her little school friends coming to play on the water slide, but she still had time to come running to me and give me a huge hug hello and say, "Gigi! I'm so glad you made it! Come see... This is my friend Riley!"

Just warmed my heart to melting.

It's how I imagine Jesus feels when we go running to Him, excited to share our lives with Him, and taking time away from our busyness to include Him and introduce Him to our friends.

May we never lose the excitement and wonder of the little child in the presence of our King.