Why did he go for the woman? Well - she is on her own, and we have seen that it is not good for anyone to be on their own, and he tries to get the woman to lead the man, and that is something we have to face today. It is NOT progress!

Genesis Chapter 3 is more highly relevant and applicable than many would wish to admit.

God has a special concern for defenceless widows and women who are on their own.

Satan initiates a discussion - a debate - about GOD! Have you heard that being around even in the Church of Jesus Christ - let's have a discussion group - where we can all come and share our ignorance!

All that he wants Eve to do in this situation here is to doubt what the Living Creator God has said! Satan comes to man, and seeks to get us to doubt His Word, or to desire something with our heart, or to disobey with our will - WOW!

He desires to sow distrust, and then he likes to see the poison of distrust spread.

Then, you desire something - or you want to believe that rumour - or you go and do something and later regret it. That is his method.

The things I have been accused of over the years – having said from the pulpit - (how did I deal with that - place a microphone in the pulpit - just let a tape run).
I have been accused of saying things at funerals which I did not even conduct!

This can be a battleground - spiritual warfare.

Satan here is insinuating something else, that GOD did not really say that! He is just suggesting - and people tend to react with - ah well it might be all right to do it this once - and innocence has gone and GUILT has arrived on the scene.

Innocence, like virginity, can never be recovered.

"I hear you cannot do this and I am told you are not allowed to eat of that tree? Is it not pretty miserable of God - having to live with a God when He keeps telling you not to?"

This is now verging on temptation - beware of temptation - beware of someone who is always emphasising the NEGATIVE side.

Now what happens is - you can add to God's Word - or you can take from it - or you can change it! All three happened here. God never said that they must not touch it!

Listen to preachers and Bible teachers - if they add to the Word - or take from it - or change it - challenge them!

Notice the Name of God is changed - the Lord God is never used. He refuses to acknowledge God as Lord. Judas was the same – he spoke of Jesus as rabbi but not kurios - Lord.

Then, he changes from asking questions to making assertions - "You will not surely die.

Eve then begins to think his thoughts and using negative language. The company we keep affects and influences us. Who influences your thinking? Who puts words into your mouth? Is it someone who loves and serves and obeys Jesus Christ the Saviour and Lord and King?

Verse 4 - you surely don't think God would kill you for doing that, do you? Surely HE is NOT such a spoilsport - you don't believe that do you Eve my dear? Can you see the mocking nature?

Is it not just that God is a bit scared of you, because if you took of that fruit then you could become like HIM, and then you could live without HIM?

Have you heard that today in its various forms - we are all gods - we all have something of god in us - god is everywhere.

In verse 4Satan goes for the kill - by accusing God of being a liar! You will surely not die - No - No - No.

Yes, her eyes would be opened - but NOT in the way she thought! Satan is a deceiver with his half-truths, questions and lies. Eve is being manipulated.

Remember these three words - Intimidate - Dominate - Manipulate - these are not of GOD.

“Loving Father, teach us who is behind those who may seek and attempt to intimate, dominate and manipulate us. Enable us to understand what is going on. Protect and preserve us, we pray, in Jesus Name. Amen.”