Do you see the language of sin - hiding - running away - pain - sorrow - suffering - sweat - fear – death? Yes, circumstances move fast when man falls and sins, and they move faster than he expected.

Everything has changed – fellowship – innocence – even the environment and ecology.

We are in Genesis Chapter 3 and it is not one of the most favourite Chapters in the Bible, yet it explains much and clarifies what we see around us today.

Adam names his wife Eve. He knows she is going to bring forth children into the world - and note he names her. The head names the woman. That is why woman is known as Miss or Mrs - she takes on the name of her head. This is anathema to many. We have this rebellious Ms. - signifying that certain rebels don't want to acknowledge their need for a head. They say, "I am NOT submitting to that!"

In the New Testament we have this tremendous compassion and concern which the Church has to show to single women and to widows - to cover them and protect them from the wolves that roam around seeking whom they can devour.

Each of us in the body of Christ must ensure that we have a covering - it is for our own good and welfare and safety and security and protection and preservation.

When we come to verse 21 we read of the shedding of blood - so that man can be properly clothed and covered.

Modern man is rebelling against this too - and paying a massive price!

This Chapter tells of man's fall. Man likes to think that he is improving.

The Word of God teaches us something very different.

Blood has to be shed to cover up SIN.

God covered man and clothed him - but also decided - "I cannot let you remain around for ever." Decay and disintegration and death entered this world of ours.

Man is banished from his perfect environment, and there is no way back.

A Saviour was promised. A Saviour was needed. Jesus Christ faced the devil in the wilderness and won - and on the Cross and defeated Him - and offers us today participation in His Victory.

“Our Loving Father – we thank You for Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Lord. We thank You for sending Jesus Christ at just the right moment, to die for the ungodly, when we were powerless, and in our sins. We worship You.” Amen