Almighty God mercifully and graciously comes again to Cain, with another question. We are in Genesis Chapter 4 and at verse 9. Note Cain's response to, "Where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know - and I am not interested - and he's not my responsibility." He is impudent and cheeky to GOD. "I have nothing to do with my brother."

This is the first murder - no human saw it - but God saw it - and shed blood speaks to GOD - and GOD sees and hears when we think we are totally on our own.

God was concerned and God places Cain under a curse. GOD does that. God sentences Cain - and from now on he is a fugitive - on the run - a misfit - unable to settle down.

Cain was sorry for the punishment - but not for the sin. He was sorry that he had been found out. Many are in that situation.

He thought he would get away with it. He wanted out of the consequences, but shows no sign of repentance regarding the crime. He has no feelings for his parents.

What would Adam and Eve have thought about this?

He is full of self-pity - sorry for himself.

Cain is going to be marked. He is going to be punished by GOD - but GOD puts a limit on the punishment. He went out from the Lord's presence into the land of Nod - which means "wanderer".

Do you see how sin is rippling out? Sin affects the individual - then the family - then society - then the nation - then the whole world. It spreads - like yeast.

The sin that ruined the first man caused the second man to kill the third man! That is how sin develops.

When this is the story of how we began - can you see why a man would like to believe in evolution - and consider that he is improving from what he once was - but that is contrary to the actual truth.

When a man sins, God visits him, and calls him, to put things right.

I John Chapter 1 verse 9 - "If we confess our sin he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." If we confess our sin today - and if we ask Jesus to help us in our need - He will come and do what He alone can come and do. We need that reminder from John's first letter.

Serious conflict has now come into the world.

Serious conflict has remained in this world and only when Jesus Christ comes again will that issue be ultimately resolved.

"Gracious God, with so much hurt and pain and suffering and brokenness all around us, give us understanding as to why this is so - and how we can be part of the solution as we seek to serve those in need. Help us Lord Jesus, our risen and living Saviour." Amen