It is a question easily answered but do people really want an answer to the questions they raise?

In Genesis Chapter 4 at verse 17, we read that Cain lay with his wife - and a son is born, called Enoch. Many like to ask the trick question - Where did Cain get his wife?

One friend replied to a questioner - "Why are you so interested in other men's wives?"

A very simple answer and totally satisfactory explanation lies in Chapter 5 verse 5 - Adam had other sons and daughters. Remember at this time, in one sense, the race was as near to pure as it could be. Adam married his own flesh - there was no genetic harm from close marriages. They are only one generation away from absolute perfection. It is not until we get down to the days of Moses that such marriages are forbidden legally.

From Cain comes a developing society - our civilisation and society emerges and develops and comes from sinful seed.

By verse 20 we read of society becoming commercialised as people begin to trade in cattle. In the following verse music appears - string and wind instruments.

Verse 22 - Industry begins to emerge and develop, and men work with brass and iron.

Here we read of early technological and cultural civilisation with metal tools and instruments. These can be for good or ill - all power and weapons can. But what we are seeing here is civilisation developing apart from God. There is no mention of God being brought into their thinking. Are we not in a parallel situation today?

How many leaders take time to ask – “What does God want us to do?"

The nations of the Middle East are more likely to ask that question. If only they would ask the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ - and in Jesus Christ’s Name.

This society is developing in what we would call a secular setting - the word "world" in the Bible really means "secular society".

Jesus taught - you are in the world but not of it. You have to live in a secular society but you do not need to be of it. Living in such a setting is hard. But this is our calling. Those of us who are in Christ are to be in the world, but NOT of it.

We are called to reflect different attitudes and values - higher morals and standards - willing to work and serve with the love of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Cain is so determined to create a worldly society - leaving God out of it - and this is where there is spiritual warfare today – and yet, secular ways and secular things can be used of God.

Our work - our industry - our service - our commercial transactions and trading - our music and culture - can all be redeemed and rescued by the saving Blood of Jesus Christ.

Science can be used for the glory of God - or can be dragged down by the devil.

Science can produce the wonders of medicine - or the horrors of Hiroshima.

Is it not highly significant that as man moved away from relying and depending upon God, that God is deeply concerned that we have a description of how all this happened? This is nothing other that a demonstration and revelation of the love of God – and it is He Who takes the initiative. He always does.

That is why He sent His Son to be our Saviour.

“Loving caring Heavenly Father – we thank You that You are so concerned that we have answers to the questions for which we need to have answers. We thank You for the ways in which Your Word has been protected and preserved down through the centuries. Enable us to pass it on without compromising its authenticity and authority – in the name of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour.” Amen