As we move on to Genesis Chapter 6 we come to another massive topic – The Flood.

From very early days, most of us will have known something of the basic story of Noah and the Ark and The Flood. When we read this we need to remember that we are dealing with fact and not fiction.

Jesus Christ treated this record of The Flood as FACT. The detail is so vivid. There is perfect balance between the Mercy of God and His Judgement.

The emphasis is upon the Ark - and on the eight who were being saved - and not on those who were lost - and - we see God drawing our attention to those who are rescued and saved because they BELIEVE.

In verse 1 to 5 of Chapter 6, we have the description of a world which is very evil. The 'keyword' is 'flesh'. But there is a way of escape. Why did God do this? It is the first time God has done such a thing and we know that it will never happen again.

In the opening verse we read of a population explosion.

Mankind was multiplying fast - but all was not well - all was not right and good.

Remember - Jesus said - regarding the times when He will return - that it will be similar to the days of Noah. We have watched SIN grow and spread - firstly in an individual - then in a marriage - then in a family - then in society - and now we read of SIN on a world scale. Then - something horrid and horrendous happens - 'fallen angels' begin to have physical relationships with the daughters of men.

Evil has taken on some really perverted form - beyond the limits which God had set. Angels which had rebelled against God the Father, and had been cast out of heaven now behave in a way diametrically contrary to the Will of God.

Sinful evil perversion is rampant.

These marriages are based upon physical attraction alone - and that is not enough.

This is a fearful phenomenon. It is like a tidal wave of evil and violence. Grotesque creatures are born. God decides to act. (The film industry has no problem with these grotesque creatures!)

Verse 3 - If this is the way you are going to live, MY SPIRIT will NOT be with you. God sets a limit - and the choice is - you can have my Holy Spirit - or - carnal physical pleasure. Does that sound anything like our present day situation?

God gives man 120 years in which to repent - such is His Mercy. And 120 years after God said this - the Flood came. Here is mercy and patience.

Verse 5 - God saw - we read of God seeing in Chapter 1 - and then it was all good and exceedingly good. Now, things have changed dramatically. Note these words in verse 5 – "Ever - only - all the time". It could not be any stronger than that.

Is this becoming true again - when the only thing on most men's minds is evil and sin?

There is a flood of filth just now - a wave of violence - physical and moral. And - there is very little thought of God.

What does God think of the moral mess in our nation? What does God think of the way our country is going? What does God think of what is going in the world - where man was created to be a caring compassion steward.

“Loving and caring and compassionate Father, You have given us Jesus Christ, the Saviour, and He is for the world – the light of the world – a world still engulfed in much darkness. Help us to shed abroad the light of Jesus Christ wherever we go. Help us, O God. Amen.”