Noah was concerned about others - but hardly anybody listened. Seven did - seven believed the truth.

It is important to hear and listen and believe – it is as relevant today as it was at the time of Noah.

We are in Genesis Chapter 6. Verses 11,12 describe what the world was like at that time. It was corrupt in the sight of God - filled with violence - sacred things were trampled on - honesty and morality had vanished.

The society which God destroyed had already destroyed itself. See that clearly.

God judges SIN in whatever form it manifests itself - but - there is a way of escape - and it is GOD in His Mercy and Love who offers the way of escape.

One day, HE is going to put all things right - why does HE not put things right now? Because - in His mercy He is giving men time to repent and put themselves right - but do people want to be put right? We must ever thank HIM for HIS Patience.

God has a plan of salvation - and He has a place of refuge. He had an Ark of safety and security for the time of the Coming Judgement.

Noah is told to build an ARK – a box or a chest. It is built for floating - not for speed, nor for travelling. The dimensions are perfect.

The designer of the Canberra, John West, based his dimensions on those of the ARK - for safety and stability - and the QE2 was designed along these same dimensions - and modern oil tankers have followed similar dimensions.

Computers apparently had discovered that for stability and security a ship is best and most safe when it is SIX times longer than it is broad.

Wood is durable - and durable wood is preserved and made watertight. It is coated with a covering. The ARK is unsinkable.

God tells Noah what to do. Can you imagine this preacher of righteousness being laughed at and mocked and ridiculed? There had never been a Flood. As far as we can tell it had never even rained! Can you imagine what a cartoonist would have made then of dear Noah? When people laugh at us today - remember - we are preparing for the future. From the measurements, we know the ARK could contain around 125,000 sheep - and verse 20 - we read that the animals will come to you!

Birds migrate today - and we marvel at it - back to the same branch of a tree. So why should there be any question when one day Mr Elephant says to Mrs Elephant - let's go find an ark! I think we should go and find ourselves an ARK!

The word ARK is the same word used for the ark of papyrus into which Moses was placed. God explained to Noah what HE was going to do. Noah listened and obeyed. Those who would not listen to God - those who would not listen to God through His man, Noah, were lost.

Verse 22 - Noah did what God called him to do. It was a monumental task, and he never questioned what God told him to do.

Noah was a voice in the wilderness - an example - a preacher of righteousness - a light in a dark world - pointing to the way of escape - to the safety and security of the Ark of God, which for us, is in the arms of the risen and living Lord Jesus.

“Loving and gracious God, as we consider the Ark, as described in Your Holy Word, and how You provided a way of escape, enable us to hold fast to our faith in Jesus Christ, the One who rescues and saves and forgives. Keep us safe and secure in the Church of Jesus Christ. We thank You and praise You that You are a God Who provides. Amen”