The ARK never had a trial run and was never brought back for modifications. We move on to Genesis Chapter 7 - the measurements - the materials - the reasons - are all given.

God had taken Noah into His confidence. God shares with Noah truths which no-one else around could have received and believed - and God gives Noah commands which no-one else would have obeyed. God reveals that HE would bring all the animals to Noah - and Noah was to shepherd them safely into the Ark at the right time - and care for them during the period of the Flood.

Now - see Jesus Christ in all of this - mercy and patience and love and judgement – yes, and shepherding and guidance. Here is a gracious call to come into the Ark of Salvation - and be rescued and salvaged and saved - from judgement - calamity - disaster - death.

After 120 years, God says to Noah - it is now time - go into the Ark - you and your family - I have found you righteous in this generation. Seven members of his immediate family had heard him preach. They had believed that this was the Word of the Lord - and they too went into the Ark, when Noah said it was time to go.

After a century of silence God speaks again. For 100 years Noah had been working away on this chest - this box - getting it ready - believing that this was the work to which the living God had called him.

The day for action came - things were going to happen soon - events would move quickly now. Yet, God gave another seven days of grace - He is so merciful.

Noah and his family are entering the Ark. Here is the Word of God in action. This is a vivid visual aid. Everyone who looked could see what Noah was doing.

But no-one else responded to the Word of God.

Noah had seven days to get everything ready - and mankind has another seven days to come to God and repent. Here is one last word of warning to the world - one final appeal.

For Noah there is urgency - but no haste. The Flood would come on schedule. It would NOT come too soon - nor would it be late.

It will be exactly the same with return of Jesus Christ!

Noah is an obedient man of God - the family follow the father - they follow the head - and in obedient faith they enter the ARK.

Verse 7 makes it so clear that they enter the Ark to escape the coming judgmental waters of the Flood.

We have the detail of how our gracious caring compassionate God - who is righteous in every aspect - and who with righteousness is going to judge and deal with SIN and violence and wickedness and corruption and immorality.

What we call 'nature' is affected by our behaviour - by the way we live.

The environment - our surroundings - are affected and influenced by the way man lives his life.

Pollution of the rivers and oceans and atmosphere is the direct result of the way sinful man lives his life. We are being informed that the situation is now very serious.

Creation is affected by human behaviour, and nowhere do we see that more clearly than in the Book of Genesis.

Man's obedience has a most positive influence upon Creation too - and the obedience of one man - or one small group of people can have an affect out of all proportion to the size of the group. Everything had been done as God commanded. That is what counts at the end of the day.

It is now time for GOD to act. Note the detail as it is dated to the day. This is the kind of detail that rings of truth.

“Loving and Compassionate God, we thank You for the Mercy and Grace and Patience You showed, and which You continue to show and demonstrate, through Jesus Christ, Your Son. Help us to respond to that Grace, and to embrace that Mercy offered to us, in and through the risen and living Jesus. Amen”