1 Thessalonians 5:17

The Apostle Paul wrote these words of guidance to the believers at Thessalonica and to us. What does He mean?

He encourages us to be in an attitude of prayer. To listen to those who share their concerns and offer to pray with them at that time.

I recently read a novel, River to Redemption, (1) in which one of the main characters expressed this verse as “Pray believing.” This character loved the LORD and used it as his life’s verse, guiding him through many trials of his life, accepting each thing as God’s Will and always told those around him to “pray believing.” How can we pray believing? We believe that

● God hears our prayers,

● God will answer those prayers, according to His Will,

● God will be with us as we go through difficult times.

● God will bring about His Will, however it affects us.

Since I read this novel and thought about the way I have prayed in the past, I have begun praying in a slightly different, a more energized, way.

Have you ever received an idea that changed the way you pray?

(1.) River to Redemption, by Ann H. Gabhart, Revell, Grand Rapids, © 2018