With so much to tell, and so much to share, how do we handle it all? We cannot tell everything immediately.

Do remember that many people in our ‘Western World’ do not know very much about God and about Jesus.

God will always tell you the truth – about life – and about ourselves – what we are really like.

God does not want us to base our life on faulty propositions – the truth will set you free. It can make us miserable first, because we are deeply flawed through sin, and because of sin – and we need a Saviour.

John 18 verse 37 – “You are a king, then!” said Pilate. Jesus answered, “You are right in saying I am a king – in fact, for this reason I was born – and for this reason I came into the world – to testify to the truth.”

Jesus came to give us LIFE – not just to get up in the morning – go to work – come home – go to bed.

Jesus came to set us free from the past – from every regret about the past – from our worries about the future – and from wasting today.

He came to give us forgiveness and salvation – the angels said that a Saviour had been born, to save us from our sins – our past – our fears – our guilt – our resentments – our meaningless – our hopelessness. God came to take care of every need in life.

If our greatest need was education, God would have sent a teacher.

If our greatest need was excellent government, God would have sent a politician – but God sent a Saviour, because we needed saving and rescuing – from sin – not a word we hear mentioned frequently today.

If we did not need a Saviour, God would not have sent one.

John 12 verse 48 – Jesus did not come to put us down, and show us how bad we are – Jesus came to save us.

“God, can You do something about this world?” The answer comes back – and from the Bible – “I have – I gave you – I gave the world – MY SON.”

Who is JESUS?

Mary - Will I accept God’s plan for my life? She did, and Jesus was born in Bethlehem, just as the prophets foretold.

Joseph – Will I trust God even when it does not make sense? He did and the drama flowed, just as the prophets had prophesied.

The angels - Who is that Baby in the manger? Do you really want to know? The angels provide a full and comprehensive answer in a few words – “Unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, and he is Christ the Lord.”

It would be difficult to use fewer words when saying so much.

As this year will soon close, “Do you want the best for next year?”

If you want to know the best then go to the maestro – go to the Master. Go to the Word of God. Go to Jesus Christ – the risen Christ – and to the written Word.

The Essenes down at the Dead Sea were asking these questions – we have them in the Dead Sea scrolls.

It is a radical message – how can we bring about the Kingdom of God? How can we restore the Kingdom of God as it was in the days of King David?

Matthew 5 verse 17 - I came to fulfil the prophets.

Ordinary people do not say things like this – unless your righteousness greatly surpasses the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees you will never enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ was no ordinary person!

Matthew 7 verse 21 – Not everyone will enter into the Kingdom of God – but He who does the will of the Father.

Matthew 18 – Unless you become like a child and humble yourself.

Jesus went on to teach that if your hand or foot causes you to stumble, cut it off. Cut off, or cut out, what is hindering or hampering you.

Matthew 23 verse 13 – Jesus taught people to run from the hypocrites – their ways will not lead to the Kingdom. The entrance to the Kingdom of God is radical – and the lifestyle of the Kingdom of God is radical.

When we hear Jesus in the Gospel narratives, preaching and teaching, it is as if we move from one challenging text to another – perhaps even wishing at times that they were not there.

Matthew 5 verse 48 – be perfect – be complete – be whole.

How do we get into this? What are we getting into? It all depends upon whom we know – know Jesus Christ personally.

Jesus is Messiah – the anointed one – the King and Lord of all – the King of the Jews and the Lord of the Gentiles.

Jesus does not want something from you – Jesus wants you! It is not our money Jesus wants – or our possessions – but you – because when He gets you He gets all that you have.

People put gifts under the tree at this time of year. Wrap yourself up and put yourself under the tree – under the cross – a gift for Jesus Christ.

“Almighty God – You gave us Jesus – You have given us so much – there is no more You could have given. Through Jesus we receive mercy and grace and love and forgiveness. Father, we praise You and thank You and Worship You. Amen”.