As we face another year, Jesus Christ can give us adequate resources for the task and ministry and witness and life to which he calls us. I have known the peace and presence of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ over many years now, and I also can testify to the truth the Jesus Christ, the loving Saviour, the Son of God, will never let you down, fail you, or disappoint you – as you trust him.

Jesus can give you what you need for this life which at times can appear puzzling and baffling.

The gift of the Holy Spirit was given to those disciples, and He is given to us.

Jesus led a very disciplined life. As we face another year, lack of discipline or discipleship can ruffle our peace – no doubt about that. It can destroy our inner repose.

Jesus showed that discipline of time and thought – and His heart’s desire was to please the Father.

His heart was clean and pure. There was no loitering sin – and through the blood shed on the Cross we can have a cleansed and clean heart. A troubled conscience can rob a man of any peace.

King David knew this when Nathan approached him with these words “Thou art the man” – and David had to sort things out.

Divided loyalties between the vision of God and the lure of the world can wreck any prospect of peace.

Saul of Tarsus had to deal with that one too.

But there is something further – over all these years Jesus had a peaceful fellowship with His Father – with God – and so did Peter and John – and so did Paul – and it comes over clearly in the pages of the gospels – and so clearly in the letters.

Jesus communed with His Father – on the mountain top – and in the valley.

Jesus did not wait for the setting to be just right.

The peace of Christ was the fruit of fellowship with His Father.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace.” We looked at that in detail two years ago, when reading the Galatian letter.

Cast your burden upon the Lord. It is never a waste of time to lay aside whatever we might be doing – in the morning – at midday – in the evening – to come from the pressures that insist we give them our attention. Do not let them be in control. Come before God in the name of Jesus Christ.

The time diverted from whatever the surroundings might be, would more than repay you in the harvest of poise and steadiness and strength – these we would carry back from the presence of the Most High.

All the trials and things that could vex us can never rob us of the peace of God.

2 Corinthians 4 verses 8,9 – surely this man knew little of the peace of Jesus Christ – but look at verse 7.

Turn over to Chapter 11 verses 23 to 29 – he could not possibly have known much of the peace of God – the peace of Jesus Christ!

Look at Chapter 13 verse 11.

Read these opening words of Galatians – then over to Philippians – written in prison – Chapter 4 verses 4 to 9.

Life may prove harsh and difficult and challenging, where your earthly dreams have been denied, and your physical hopes half starved, but there is a peace which passes all understanding which comes only from Jesus Christ.

“My peace I give to you.” On you go, wherever you are called to serve and whatever confronts you. May you know that peace which only the risen and living and loving Lord Jesus Christ can impart.

“Loving Father – I so need You. We so need You. Help us as we face these weeks and months which lie ahead of us. We do not know what will happen but we are aware of a strengthening spiritual battle – spiritual warfare. Protect, guide, lead us – wherever we serve – in Jesus Name.”