Why be a Christian? If we get crowds travelling to our country – or – if we have someone whom we have known for a long time – and they wonder why we are a Christian – and if they want a real answer – we had better be prepared to give an answer that glorifies Jesus Christ – and that can satisfy the seeking searching soul.

With Jesus Christ there is a sense in which we ought to be able to say to the one coming with the question, “There – can you beat that?”

Our life is redeemed – blessed – anointed – renewed – the living God has spoken and called – the Creator of the world has made you a new creation in Christ – nothing can beat that.

One can almost dare others – bring out your very best and highest and see if you can beat this life which God offers, in Jesus Christ.

Deuteronomy 33 verse 29 - “Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord?”

This is certainly a challenging sentence – making vast sweeping claims.

In what ways are the lives of the people of Israel better than all others?

In what specific ways does the Christian Life beat all the rest?

The Christian life is a life where there is joy and satisfaction and challenge and peace and the flowing love and grace of God, and no matter what we may be going through, underneath are the everlasting arms.

Now, some do regard the Christian Life as – limiting and cramping and restricting and even forbidding.

“Look at so-and-so – he appears so miserable, and narrow, and unloving and joyless.” Yes, it is possible to portray the Christian life among men in an unworthy manner.

Whether we like it or not some people judge Jesus Christ the King of Kings, and the Saviour, by the way we portray Him.

This is where we have to show the real thing, and stand where Peter and John and Andrew stood and look into His eyes and be bathed with His love and grace, listening to the music of His voice.

Many people are troubled by worry and fear and boredom and self-centredness.

Worry – they have no sense of inner peace. We have looked at that – the only source of inner peace – Jesus Christ. Jesus speaks about that in the parable of the sowing of the seed – the thorns and troubles – the worries of life – the deceitfulness of wealth.

Boredom – people plod along – waiting for Friday and the weekend. There is no “mounting up with wings like eagles” for them.

How often am I told, “I’m fine considering it is Monday morning!”

We trust God for today and tomorrow, and Jesus teaches disciples that worry can produce no change – except sickness. “I’m worried to death”, we sometimes hear.

Do you think the first disciples were ever bored in the presence of Jesus, or the early apostles, as you read from Acts to Revelation?

“Loving Father – help us to be good witnesses of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord – help us to reflect Your love and mercy and joy. Father – You have given us so much in and through Jesus Christ – help us to minister faithfully and graciously – even when it is not easy. We pray in Jesus Name. “Amen.”