Are you fed up? Are you fed up with all that is going on, and you sense that longing and desire to live differently? Many realise they are living in a rut, facing tensions, and feeling stressed and pressured.

You can be ‘fed up’ that way, or you can be fed with the Word of God which nourishes, encourages and strengthens.

We do not necessarily change when we ‘see the light’, but when we feel the pain.

We have looked at some ‘heavy’ topics over these past weeks and that is not always a bad thing, but these are difficult times, and Jesus lived and taught a ministered to people in difficult times – very difficult times.

Jesus Christ spoke to people who were tired and weary and burdened. His solution was, “Come to me”.

Jesus saw people carrying heavy burdens and He wanted to help them.

Over these past months we have seen various prominent people take their own lives. They may have been famous, but not fulfilled – with lots of money, but not a lot of meaning – a lot to live on, but not a lot to live for.

Many did not appreciate the ministry of John the Baptist. In fact, there were those who did not appreciate very much. When appropriate music was played they would not dance. When a dirge was sung they would not mourn.

The cities of Korazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum, in the north of Israel, rejected the preaching and teaching of Jesus.

They liked the miracles but not the message. Jesus appealed to these people, “Come to Me”. We read of this in Matthew Chapter 11 – do make time to read these verses – and find what you may be looking for.

Some came to Jesus for all kinds of reasons. He did not care why people came to Him, as long as they came. Jesus Christ offers the weary rest. Those who carry a heavy load are invited to share their burden with Him.

Give Him your good and best in life. Give Him the bad and worst in life – the disappointments, pain, sadness and frustrations.

When Jesus Christ spoke to weary burdened men and women, he appealed to them – “Come to me” – for rest. He did not say, to the synagogue – nor to a programme, seminar, conference, religion, rules, regulations, and rituals – but, “Come to me”. There may be nothing wrong with some of these, but the invitation of Jesus was, and is, very different.

He offers a yoke. “Oh no, I don’t want a yoke – my present burden is enough!” It is the picture of two oxen ploughing up and down a field.

Jesus wants to share the load we are carrying, and be our life’s partner. We then move together, in the same direction, and at the same pace. We cannot go faster, nor veer off into trouble – whatever that trouble might be.

As a carpenter, he may have made the smoothest yokes in Nazareth, but it is still a yoke and you cannot be proud or arrogant when your head is in a yoke – but you will never lose your dignity when yoked to Jesus Christ – never.

The offer is ‘rest’ for our lives, which means more than tired muscles. Jesus also deals with minds experiencing anxieties and worries.

This is the opposite to the culture of today’s society. ‘Go; fill your time; you need to have more, and be more’ – but that never satisfies the emptiness. “If only I could grasp that one thing or have that quality as part of my character – if only I could get to the top of the mountain, and enjoy the view from such a lofted and elevated position.” All that would be so temporary.

We will be yoked to something. Jesus’ yoke is easy and fits perfectly, and will suit you as you wear it.

“Loving gracious God – we see and learn and are reminded that You are so concerned about us. You care about our situations and circumstances. We come to You again and afresh. We come for rest – for mercy – for grace – for forgiveness – for peace. Give us that rest of which our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, spoke. Amen”