What do you do when you have been out fishing, expending all the energy you have, only to return ‘empty’ – whatever that fishing might be?

Sometimes our best is just not good enough. When Simon Peter had Jesus Christ in his fishing boat, agreeing to go into deeper water and resume fishing, the results were incredible.

What can prevent us from admitting we need help? Pride? Stubbornness? Fear?

There are times and occasions when Jesus Christ comes to challenge us and shake us. It is good that he comes – it is always good when Jesus appears and speaks – always.

Peter did exactly what Jesus told him to do even when it did not really make sense. It seemed irrational, illogical, and could appear foolish to other fishermen – but Peter restarted fishing, because Jesus said so.

“You are a carpenter – I am a fisherman. You work with wood – I work with fish.” That is not how Peter responded to Jesus.

What has God told you to do that you still have not done?

Peter did not listen to his feelings, but demonstrated unquestioned obedience to Jesus. Did he expect Jesus to turn the situation around?

If God tells you to go fishing, and if God is with you in the boat, and if God tells you where to let down your nets, are you going to come up with nothing but empty nets?

Animals made their way to the Ark in Noah’s day. Fish made their way to Peter’s nets on this occasion.

There are times when we paddle around in the shallows, in some comfort zone, afraid of the big waves, which may never appear.

When Peter realised what was happening, and that he was a sinful man, he fell before Jesus, and told Jesus to go away. I am so glad Jesus did not answer that prayer.

Might this be one reason why some of your prayers remain unanswered?

“Lord Jesus – come and teach me – where I am struggling – where I sense defeat – where things just do not appear to be working out – show me – draw close – speak to me and may I hear what you are saying – may I really hear what you are saying – and respond as the Holy Spirit guides and leads and motivates. Amen.”