Leaders lead positively or negatively – for good or for ill. These seven disciples were out all night fishing, with nothing to show for it. Fishing had been something they had been good at.

The risen Jesus appears on the Galilean shore. He calls to them - "Lads - boys - have you caught anything?" Jesus knew there was nothing in that boat, but disappointed men.

What a challenge for every disciple. This was a scene of complete failure. Jesus gave them advice. They took it, and with just one cast of the net, they catch 153 fish.

Something was beginning to happen. John saw it first.

John saw something unusual, amazing, wonderful and supernatural – all night – nothing – then 153.

Now they could not even do what they were good at in the past.

God’s purpose is always about the future. Peter’s purpose was not in the past, but in the future.

Failure and discouragement does not mean that God has written you off. This happened previously, but there is one detail of difference. The first time the net broke – this time the net does not break.

The secret of success is not trying harder. We do not give up, or work harder – but trust Him.

These men are brought from darkness and failure to this dawn of fruitfulness. Going through this process can be terrible, but it is necessary. It is part of the training and can be a difficult journey, but never an easy lesson to learn.

The ‘Stranger on the shore’ was no Stranger.

This was the third time the risen Jesus had appeared to these men. Yes, He still wants them. Soon, they would be anointed and commissioned for their life’s work.

The solution is not where we are, but who we are listening to.

Following that breakfast picnic by the Galilean shore, the risen Jesus takes Peter aside, ‘to have a word’. We read of what Jesus wants Peter to do.

Three times Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love me?” “Feed my lambs and feed my sheep.” Peter has to make loving Jesus Christ a priority. It all begins with love for Jesus. We also have to take to heart Christ’s forgiveness for all our sins.

Three times Peter denied Jesus. Three times, Jesus gives Peter the opportunity to declare His love and his commitment to the cause.

Believe that you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Without a shepherd people can be lost. People need a shepherd so that they may be rescued and saved – in order to prosper in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus repeats, “Follow me,” but Peter sees John, and wonders about John. Don’t be overly concerned about him, “Follow me!”

Peter’s problems always arise when he takes his eyes off Jesus Christ.

Peter took his eyes off Jesus when he was invited to walk on the water. He focused on his circumstances, and began to sink. Jesus had to reach out and rescue Peter.

Peter boasted one day, that if anyone left Jesus, he would always be there at His side, implying that Jesus could rely totally upon Peter. Peter took his eyes off Jesus and onto his ‘success’. He heard Jesus say, “Get behind me Satan”.

That night when Jesus Christ was arrested, Peter took his focus off Jesus and onto his fears. In Caiaphas’s courtyard, Peter denied Jesus three times.

At Galilee, Peter got his eyes off the risen Jesus, and onto disciple John, only to be told, “Follow me”.

Our focus is crucial.

“Focus my eyes on You, O Lord – Lord Jesus, we have sung that song many times – help us to keep our eyes focused upon You. Protect us from those who would offer us false advice and false guidance – keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus and the light that shines from the Scriptures. Help us, O Loving God. Amen”